1. Mark97

    Good article Iggy – but be prepared for the back-lash. A similar post on FB a month or so ago turned into comedy (mod) gold…. One chap, who had taken his CBT countless (10+ times) – even claimed he was a better rider BECAUSE of his repeated CBT test passes…. Priceless…

    Like you, I took my test late 80s – was the first year they followed you around on a bike and gave you instructions via an intercom ( I seem to recall)?

    Total cost – was an afternoon of an hour riding around a tennis court to prove I could ride and then a few hours on the road mimicking what would happen in the test – probably cost under £50 plus the test. And yep I passed 1st time.

    My test was in Barnsley for some reason at 10am and I had just come straight off a night-shift. The hardest bit was stopping to ask for directions to the Test Centre……. couldn’t understand a bloody word…. lol.

    • iggy-grainger

      My test was in early 1988 and before all that modern intercom gadgetry, simply ride around and do what you want when the examiner was out of sight! I’d turned 17 in December 1987, taken my part one later that month then had my part 2 soon after. I wasn’t bothered about a car licence but took that as well the same year to pacify parents. Glad I did both when I did though.

  2. Zap Brannigan

    Getting my full bike license was more cause for celebration than my wedding day was! Glad I did it when I did…the bike license that is.

    Still, I think it makes sense to have proper training nowadays as the traffic is faster and the roads more traffic dense (as are many other road users too unfortunately). The roads are far less forgiving. The days of overtaking Vauxhall Vivas and DAF coal lorries rattling along at 60 mph on an a relatively empty motorway are long gone.

    I have noticed a proliferation of Vespa smallframes registered as 50s on rallies but they have had the old 110 conversion or PK/Primmy 125/135 inside so guys can “legally” ride them on their car ticket. Ahem.

    When we all go over to leccy it will be even harder to police this as many bikes will be electronically governed. In a flick of a switch or Smartphone app. you could go from learner legal to full power.

    In the not so distant future I predict the Police will be able to track your vehicle’s telemetry on power and speed remotely and they could activate a TASER like device in the seat to give your nads a zap to reign you in. That and a remote “E-lock” to stop your vehicle in its tracks.The world of Judge Dredd is coming, mark my words.

    So better get your test in now you Comedy Mods innit! 😉

  3. norbythommo

    Good article, it isn’t getting any easier. I took mine as you did scooter then the car, back-to-back. No intercom in 1986, but I did choose a hilly place (Malvern) for the test. Examiner stood there – yes – with the clipboard – at the top of a T-junction which had a left turn to take, but on an incline. The T5 was a bit prone to lifting the front in such circumstances, but I was prepared – a bag of sand in the toolbox 😉

    I still found the bike test “harder” than the car test, so I am sure if it not a piece of piss now. If you want a piece of piss test, come and take the Georgia test – it only involved me riding a 955 around a car park :-). That said, two Hardly-abl-etoo riders failed in front of me, they couldn’t “lean” between the curved painted lines 😀

  4. David Hampson

    They are currently not doing car tests with people getting differed three or four times, does anyone know if it is the same situation for doing you bike test?

  5. scooterfrenzy

    Great article Iggy. I missed the opportunity to take my test back in the day and regretted it later like a lot of people did. The humiliation of having to repeat doing my CBT every 2 years and riding on L plates as a 40 year old not to mention my 12 year old daughter taking the p*ss out of me when I hid the L’s in the glovebox was too much to bear !!!

    With the rules about to change i was one of the last ones to get a full bike licence on my T5. Bite the bullet and get it done, it may have been acceptable riding on L’s as a teenager in the 80’s but it’s not a good look when your in your 50’s !

  6. G515PRB

    I took my bike test ‘a long time ago’ but still in the age of a day doing CBT then training on a geared bike and a test with examiner following and issuing instructions via intercomm. Also, yep passed with zero faults (girly swot just like Linsey!) I actually enjoyed my 4 1/2 days learning on a bike and having the crack. Enjoyed not putting poxy L plates on my brand new racing green PX200 as well

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