Lexham Insurance

If you’re looking for classic or modern scooter insurance we suggest trying Lexham. The company can be found at most National Scooter Rallies and they know all about the kinds of modifications we make to our machines. They also do multi bike policies, delivery rider cover and pretty much anything else us scooter riders may need.


SIP Scootershop are a huge German scooter parts emporium but they’re a whole lot more than that. They’re a brand in their own right and a household name amongst scooterists worldwide. They stock everything from consumables to their own SIP Performance products. Everything they do is done with the kind of style we’ve come to expect from German scooterists.

Scooter Center

Another German name that every scooterist knows about is Scooter Center Cologne. They make and sell lots of products under the BGM brand name, from kits and exhausts to suspension. They also have the growing Moto Nostra brand of styling parts and accessories for the modern Vespa.


Italjet are back with a bang! The sensational new Dragster oozes style. Italian flare, clever design and lots of kerb appeal. With 125 and 200 capacities already on the market Italjet are spreading this design classic around the world to young and older riders. The Italian brand also has the electric version ready to launch in 2023 and the 500GP geared Dragster for 2024, the future is bright…

Casa Performance

We’ve followed the Casa Performance story from day one of ScooterLab and they’ve supported what we do for many years. CP are the performance and tuning side of the world-renowned Rimini Lambretta Centre. If you’re looking for the fastest Lambretta, the best restoration, hard-to-source accessories or tuning parts for your J Range give Rimini Lambretta Centre a try.

Retrospective Scooters

London based Retrospective Scooters are pioneers in the world of electrifying your classic scooter. Their DIY conversion kits are very well put together using the best components. They can transform your scooter into an all-electric vehicle in around one day. They’ve also got a huge stock of classic and modern scooters and can restore your vintage machine to concourse standards.


Electric scooter brand NIU are one of the most well known EV scooter companies. They have a range of scooters for both commuting and fleet use. We’ve road tested a couple of their scooters on ScooterLab and I dare say we’ll be trying a few more. They have a nationwide dealer network so give them a try.


Sinnis have been around since 2005 at the beginning of the Chinese scooter boom. The Brighton based company have put their stamp on the small capacity scooter and motorcycle market with their own take on affordable transport. Their latest scooters are pretty tasty as we found out recently.