What the SLUK?

ScooterLab.uk (SLUK) is about scooters, scooter riders and the scooterist lifestyle. And scooters. Did I mention scooters?


ScooterLab was founded by specialist scooter journalists Iggy and Sticky (although Sticky left in 2017 to write a few books but still writes for SLUK on a regular basis).  


ScooterLab makes full use of new technology. It’s a slick custom-built responsive site so it will look great on any device. SLUK’s manifesto includes video content and user interactivity; both of which are difficult to achieve in print.


SLUK is five years old in March 2021 and has grown in ways none of us could imagine. Help us fill the tank and keep on SLUKing…



ScooterLab is by scooterists, for scooterists.

We need your help


Scooter Lab isn’t a sideline for us, this is our passion and full-time business, scooter riding is our lifestyle and we’ve put our necks on the line to set this website up. 


Although it’s free for you to read and interact with, it takes serious money to build, develop and maintain. You’ll notice that there are some adverts throughout the site, these advertisers have had faith in us and trust in our integrity, they also help to pay the bills. We’ve tried to make these adverts as unobtrusive as possible, you won’t find pop-ups or other annoying ways to grab your attention. Don’t ignore them though, if you’re looking for scooter parts, services or anything else you see advertised on here give these people a try. You can click the ads and go straight through to their virtual shop window. 


Be a SLUKer

If you like Scooter Lab pass it on, add, like or pin us to your social networking profiles. Tag us in Facebook posts, hash tag #SLUK or #ScooterLabUK on Twitter and be sure to tell as many people as you can about us. The more SLUKers we get on board the more we can do and the more interactive the site will become. SLUK is the first port of call for the latest and freshest scooter news – make sure you read it here first…


 See you on the road!