1. paul d
    10th November 2018 @ 6:17 pm

    I love the fact that you wrote up the rebuild with warts ‘n all! I’ve never worked on my lambretta without mishap or misfit. It’s a given that either small important bits will go missing or new parts will need a fettle! Great result getting it finished. For anyone thinking of entering the lambretta world, with Sticky’s bible it’s all possible.

  2. The Crunch
    15th November 2018 @ 12:17 pm

    Great work. Just wondering what jetting & settings you are running in the dellorto 25mm carburettor. I’m only asking out of curiosity because I run one myself, they can be very fickle.

    You mentioned that the stage 4 barrel ‘n head has had an MB tune! lucky you… mine is just a rough Indian factory job (though I did smooth out, match and polish the inlet & outlet ports) with a bgm clubman V3 and the dellorto 25mm run through a drilled-out air box it pulls along nicely.

    I changed out my crank though for a bgm 60/110 after the Indian crank had a partial cardiac-arrest last year. I’m getting a respectable 65 – 74mph top speed, one up with weekend luggage & tools. Here are my current dellorto 25mm settings:

    Main jet: 96
    Idle/pilot jet: 48
    Choke jet: 50
    Needle type: D22
    Needle clip: second position
    Atomiser: AQ264
    Float Needle Valve: 200
    Slide: 40
    Mixture screw: 3.25 turns out

    The small idle jet is not something I am happy with at all; it should be up around 55, but it was the only way to get the scooter to tick-over. I have to be very careful coming off full throttle down to closed throttle as there is only a small 48 Idle Jet feeding a very hot cylinder!

    I installed a cylinder-head temp sensor recently to keep an eye on overheating, a Darrell Taylor thumb-choke kit has arrived to be set-up next so I don’t kill myself trying to choke a red-hot fuel starved cylinder coming off high revs and straying over the line into oncoming traffic!! God forbid.

    I also had success using a D26 Needle with Atomiser AQ266 on a 100 main jet. It was boggy though on low revs and hard to start (very rich, but went like stink at high revs) That said even my current setting is still boggy at low revs and hard to start but much less fuel wastage. I suspect piston rings next to try and find this elusive hard-start issue. After that I’ll turn my attention to the pick-up alignment on the stator.

    Lambretta’s….. Great fun!

    The Crunch.

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