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Does advertising on ScooterLab work?

We asked one of our regular advertisers – Dean Orton of Rimini Lambretta Centre – a few questions:

What has been the effect on sales of having products featured on SLUK?

We were a little doubtful at first – as you would be with anything new being touted as ‘all singing and all dancing’ – but we have been (happily) proved ‘wrong’! The response has been astonishing and much higher than we’d anticipated. We’re now on the 3rd run on our ‘Get to SLUK with Rimini Lambretta Centre’ T shirts we offered via the site and have also had to add this item to the shop’s website as a merchandising item due to requests from people asking to purchase them outright.  That speaks volumes in itself. The moment we started to advertise with SLUK we noticed that sales also went up for general spares. So far so good…

What have you taken out with SLUK in terms of banner adverts?

We took out a Large Rectangle advert and that has paid for itself several times over. The advert was good, and different. With some help from the SLUK team, we came up with an ‘unusual’ advert (for us at RLC) and that caught people’s attention. Thinking outside the box, a cool ad and the right products have proved to be a winner.

Have you noticed much effect from the banner adverts themselves?

A definite percentage rise in sales. As we were unsure if it was going to work, we actually stopped constantly posting news items up on the socials and advertising anywhere, just to enable us to clearly see if the SLUK gig was going to bring in the punters. It did.

What other advantages do RLC get from advertising with SLUK? (Top Offers, Free direct product links within articles, listing in the dealer directory etc)

Offering some items as prizes DEFINITELY works and brings untold attention to parts you’re looking to promote. Also, as SLUK is basically made up of the ‘crème  de la crème’ of journalist within scootering circles, they already had the public’s trust. This meant that if SLUK say “this is good”, the public were astute enough to know that those involved CAN’T be bought and would only back a quality item. That’s a testimonial you simply can’t top. The dealer directory is another cool move and we’re glad to have been listed. A dealer not on there is mossing a huge publicity machine.

How would you compare the effect of advertising on SLUK compared to advertising in a paper magazine?

Definitely better. We didn’t really advertise much at all anyway so to have a ‘constantly visible’ advert has been a new angle for us. Once a magazine has been read, that’s it – it’s all done and dusted. That’s a lot of money for a read. Whilst there will always be room for a printed magazine, I’m sure that advertising in one, has a constantly diminishing appeal for shops. If you’re honest, where do you go to get shop info or product info…. Easy, on line. I think magazines are useful to inform the public of new products but they are now outdated and outclassed by the new generation of on-line magazines and sites. Printed adverts and magazines are the vinyl records of today. They have an appeal but it’s limited and ever dwindling.

Isabella Chi Siamo
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Definitely better. We didn’t really advertise much at all anyway so to have a ‘constantly visible’ advert has been a new angle for us. Once a magazine has been read, that’s it – it’s all done and dusted.



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