French Connection - still going strong
French Connection – still going strong

Scooter-only events: are they really needed? Asks Sticky, before answering his own question…

There’s a division in our scene that really doesn’t need to be there at all. An increasingly vocal hardcore would like more scooter-only events to escape the cars, caravans and kids of the bigger events.

The fact is that the major scooter rallies – particularly the camping or caravan park ones – are a really cheap way to have a weekend with your mates on the piss. Compare the cost a weekend rally entry to even one night at a music festival and you understand why rallies are still so popular and why coming by scooter is no longer deemed essential for everyone.

Then again, there’s a growing movement in scootering towards ride-outs and event day-tripping where the scooter remains the focus of the enjoyment but range is unimportant and little more than a pint passes the lips.

The fact is that there’s now enough on in the hectic scooter calendar to cater for everyone. My advice is; don’t moan about the other groups who have a different concept of what scootering means to them, just do the stuff that floats your particular boat and we can all be happy.

Leeds Central whip a young crew into shape
Leeds Central whip a young crew into shape

Pirates ahoy

What floats Leeds Central SC’s boat, literally, is the River Derwent, which runs alongside the Breighton Ferry pub, the venue for York Scooter Club’s annual scooters-only shindig.

Another person only half-getting the message was lunatic legend Rob Skipsey (the man behind our Scooter Registration Assistance service) who turned up on a Prior Viscount scooter powered by a KTM 300 enduro engine, towing a small boat containing all his weekend camping provisions.

Rob doesn’t travel light, so these included several tents, a barbecue and a complete bar full of various alcohols that he offered to share by spraying ‘FREE DRINK’ in fluoro letters on the side of his tent.

Pre-59, no MoT required sir!
Pre-59, no MoT required sir!

Dyno days


One of the joys of bringing a scooter is that you could have Darrell Taylor thrash it on his dyno for free. This service started on Friday but only properly got going on Saturday.

The last time I looked Skipsey’s Prior was leading the table with a healthy 53hp.


It’s a Saturday!


Saturday morning arrived about an hour after going to bed on Friday in the field of tents, each containing a grumpy walrus seal. Or so it sounded.

Daytime entertainment consisted largely of inebriation in fine weather, with an added dose of nautical nonsense as Slacker and Skipsey took to the river in his boat, only for it to overturn on the two half-cut non-swimmers, who both had to be rescued before they drowned. As far as I’m aware the fibreglass fantastic still resides in Davy Jones’ locker.

I took this as an opportune moment to blag a go on the pumped-up Prior, only for it to shed two critical components along the lanes while I was riding. More on that next week…

VIDEO: Col's Breighton video

Back to the pub!

Pimping the music as last minute stand-ins were Pop TV; and amazingly proficient and capable jugglers of anything Indie Punk or even Mod. Just the job for a small pub full of reprobates.

It must be said that the owners of the Breighton Ferry pub, who host this insanity, seem to be an incredibly tolerant bunch and are in no hurry to end proceedings while beer is being consumed.

I have no idea when the party ended, but if it was anything like Saturday then the dawn was just arriving. And I doubt very much that she was towing a boat…

In summary, it was the usual debauchery. We wouldn’t want it any other way.





Additional pics and video: Scarborough Col, Steve Clark and Moxy (more images on his Scooters & Riders Facebook page)

Rallery by Moxy

Rallery by Sticky

Rallery by Col


Tony Higgs for Furthest Travelled male 
Tracy Round for Furthest Travelled Female 
Lincoln and Newark SC Best Supporting Club
Richard Oswald and his modified J range for best custom Lambretta.
Kev Crawford and his series 1 for best standard Lambretta. 
Toby Taylor and his Valentino Rossi Vespa for best custom Vespa.
Dave Tessyman and his Tucarno Urbano Vespa for best standard Vespa.
Mark Graham for his insane Lower Class Vespa for best engineered.
Dyno Champion (scooter engine) Darren Ellison 31.9 BHP
Dyno Chump Stutch 10.7BHP
Human Dyno Joel Long 1.25 BHP