SLUK looks forward to the future.

The scooter market is desperate for an aspirational 125cc model to inspire a younger generation, and Yamaha already make one; the Aerox 125 for Malaysia. Maybe 2018 will be the year they decide to bring it to Europe. 

It’s hardly surprising that youngsters aren’t taking to two wheels like they used to. First of all they have all the hoops to jump through to get on the road. Then they get to choose a weedy-little 28mph moped at 16 (try riding a restricted 4-stroke ped on modern roads and you’ll see why the bottom dropped out of that particular market).

Then at 17 they can ride a (quite often) cloned, feature and characterless 125. There’s no 2-stroke excitement, the styling is quite often as bland as plain boiled noodles; there’s no simple bolt on tuning and we’re leagues away from the rest of the world when it comes to modifying modern autos.

Bring back the excitement

What the market needs is a big dose of clever design, trick looking customisable machines. Something to get youngsters back on two wheels and create a buzz like the Runner/Dragster did in the 1990s. Kids need something pretty enough to use as the screensaver on their mobile phone, something to bring the excitement back into the smaller capacity classes. A bit like in the video above, trick autos modified in Asia using a model we don’t actually have over here (yet); the Yamaha Aerox 125/155.

Yamaha Aerox 125/155

Yamaha may well have started something with the introduction of the Aerox 125/150 to their Asian market. Not only is the Aerox a great looking machine but it’s bustling with technology and lends itself to a bit of customising as well. The Aerox 155 was released in Asia in 2016 after being introduced at the Sepang MotoGP round and it’s fairly trick, as you can see from the videos. Unsurprisingly a MotoGP replica looks the absolute nuts. Will we get to see them in Europe? We’ll have to wait and see what next month’s EICMA show brings but I wouldn’t bet against the 125 arriving in 2018…

Yamaha Aerox features

The Aerox 125 follows the popular configuration of side-mounting a radiator on the engine and using a powerful flywheel generator to make an engine idle stop-start system to save fuel and reduce emissions in traffic.

The part that the other manufacturers don’t have is variable valve timing using the VVA (Variable Valve Actuation) system. This has two different cam profiles for a single valve – one for high rpm and one for low rpm – which are swapped by an actuator in the head. This system effectively broadens the power spread.

  • Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 125/155cc (derived from Blue Core N-MAX)
  • Variable valve timing technology to widen the power band
  • Blue Core fuel injection system
  • 14″ wheels
  • ABS
  • LED lighting
  • Stop/start system
  • Keyless ignition with answer back system

Do you think Yamaha should bring the Aerox 125 to Europe?