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Here we go again folks! We’re on lockdown once again in England. Our friends in many parts of Europe are in a similar situation and the rest of the world isn’t doing too well either. It’s fair to say 2020 has been a different kind of year but we’ll get through it with a positive mindset and some common sense. 


Open as normal


ScooterLab eats up lots of content and with not much happening socially this year we’ve had to rely on the help of fellow readers and scooterists like you to try and satisfy the insatiable appetite of the internet. 


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Tell us all about it


Anybody who has been around scooters for a while will have a story to tell, a tip to pass on, an eventful journey that’s worth writing about or a tale about a scooter trip – at home or abroad. Maybe you’ve got some tales from those hedonistic 1980s that sounds too far-fetched to be true (unless you were there). So, whilst many of you are sat at home for the next month why not dig out some old (or recent) photos, put fingers to keyboard and do some reminiscing for SLUK readers? 


Write for us


If you’d like to write something for us you can email us at: editorial@ScooterLab.UK we’ll also tell you how to send the photos in quickly and easily. 


This was from our first ever SLUK feature - click the image to read it...
This was from our first ever SLUK feature – click the image to read it…


Raid the SLUK archives


You can also keep yourself amused by reading some of our older features, simply do a search using the function at the top right of your screen (if you’re on a computer), or click the menu button on mobile to see the search function. If you’re searching Google just put the word ‘SLUK’ after any scooter search word and you’ll see what we’ve written in the past.


Don’t get bored: Lockdown #2 – The sequel | NEWS


Buy & sell scooters


Our SLUK classifieds are FREE. If you’re looking to sell a scooter, parts or memorabilia you can list it here.



SLUK Room/forum/chat room


Remember the days before Facebook where we’d all use forums to keep us entertained? We set up the SLUK Room as a scooterist alternative to Facebook in the summer after the American company deactivated the accounts of thousands of people for being perceived as being part of a cult or a particular style. 


We’ve not really pushed it, and those disabled accounts were reactivated, so it’s still very quiet in there. Maybe lockdown is the time to get involved?


Support the good guys


We all know that this second wave is going to have devastating effects on our NHS. Hospitals around the world will be overfull and sadly we’ll see many, many people die. Aside from the health implications, COVID-19 is also wrecking economies. It’s decimating the high street, crippling countries and ruining the livelihoods and businesses of entrepreneurs. Many small (and large) businesses will vanish for good. 

SLUK Shop and advertisers open


We can all do our bit to help though by shopping with the good guys. For starters, you can use the services of the people who advertise on ScooterLab. They’ll appreciate it. We’d also like to thank all of our customers for buying from the SLUK Shop. The shop WILL BE OPEN DURING LOCKDOWN!


ScooterNova Magazine

You can support independent magazine, ScooterNova by buying the latest issue, or maybe a subscription as a gift, or a 2021 calendar. 


Local shops


If your local scooter shop (or any other retailer) is open during lockdown use them if at all possible. A few quid from you may just make the difference they need. 

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