I’m not sure about you lot but I find the easiest way to change a Vespa front wheel is to simply put the scooter on its stand, undo the five wheel nuts, pull the wheel free and swap the wheel over.


Austrian stuntman, Günter Schachermayr likes to push the boundaries though and last weekend he set a new world record (subject to ratification) for changing a front wheel whilst doing a wheelie. Günter has been stunt riding Vespas for nine years and has become a big star on Tik Tok recently, his page has had over eight million views. 




Wheelie good


Using his specially prepared Vespa Rally, 42-year-old Günter wheelied into the record books at the HB (LOLH) airfield in Hofkirchen, Traunkeis. The runway is 500-metres long and 19-metres wide so there was plenty of space for the stunt to take place safely.


His mechanic, Adolf Jun Ehrenreich sat in the back of a trailer which was pulled down the runway by a Vespa S at a steady and consistent 23kmh. If you’ve ever tried riding at a constant speed for something as critical as this then you’ll know the rider had a hard job keeping that trailer in exactly the right place for the duration. In fact during the first run, a crosswind prevented them from even managing to undo the wheel nuts. 


VIDEO | How not to change a Vespa wheel


90 minutes later and they were ready for another attempt. Günter hoisted the Vespa onto its back wheel where he was to keep the scooter wheelieing for the duration of the task. The lead scooter got himself into position and once things were settled Adolf undid the 5 M8 nuts and carefully removed the front wheel. Riding on one wheel is no new thing for Günter but having a wheel changed at the same time certainly makes things more interesting. 


Things went according to plan and after 2 minutes 13 seconds the front wheel had been changed successfully! All the video/photos and evidence have now been sent to the Guinness Book of Records for verification. 


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Rider profile: Günter Schachermayr

Location: Austria (upper Austria)

Age: 42

Website: Günter

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When did you start riding scooters? I have been on the Vespa since I was 16 and I started doing world record attempts on the Vespa nine years ago.


What made you choose a Vespa as your stunt weapon? The decision to set up world records on the Vespa came from the heart because passion for Vespa is part of my life.


What scooter did you use for your latest stunt? I took my Vespa Rally 200 because this motor brings constant torque to the rear wheel, which I have optimized with a PX80 gearbox. The Vespa Rally is exactly my year of construction in 1977 and it also has my favourite colour green. All in all the perfect Vespa that has been with me for a long time!


What was the trickiest stunt you’ve attempted? By and large, every single Vespa stunt has its own special challenge in its own way. The procedures are always the same. Think up a project, complete the project 100 per cent.


What was your favourite stunt? My favourite stunt was skydiving from a plane from 13,500 feet!


What was the scariest/most dangerous? The most dangerous Vespa stunt was with my Redbull Vespa: The fall from the dam in Tyrol (Schlegeiss) this year. I was seriously injured and almost hung myself! Only the dear GOD had prevented the worst. There were a lot of unknown factors involved in this stunt which would have cost me my hair!


How many world records do you hold? The question is not how many world records do I hold, but what the hell is my ultimate GOAL? I can already reveal that – Mission TROPEX. I will drive a Vespa up a 4000-metre long steel cable VERTICALLY, which will be carried by the strongest and largest loads of transport helicopters. It’s a 21 million euro mission!


Any advice for anybody wanting to start a stunt career? I advise everyone who takes such a stunt direction: FINGER AWAY FROM WHAT I DO! Any stunt can cost you your life.


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