1. Zap Brannigan

    Well, somebody had to do it! Technically brilliant but aesthetically like Mrs Blobby on a tart’s night out in Newcastle!

    For me, the last beautiful Vespa Piaggio made is the 946. Before that the last run of
    Primaveras and 100 Sport. If they put a 300 in the 946 and put a sensible price on it, then that is as classic as I’d want. Sculptural, like old time Vespas were. I certainly won’t invest in another machine until a viable leccy classic style scoot turns up.

    My GTS has this cod Italian phrase on the butty box…

    Questa ragazza e brutta ma e una ragazza chi va!

    This girl is ugly but she is a goer! That sums it up for me. I have had four GT/S since 2002 after injury buggered wrists forced me to retire my shiftys but I have never truly loved them.

    I would have jumped ship to Scomadi but fear they are spent in the UK and as for Royal Alloy! I hope they all spontaneously combust and singe the nads of the idiots who plaster them in RAF roundels and Union Flags! I won’t give one penny to the disease spreading CCP if I can help it! It always amuses me to read “Tigara Grande” on the legshields…”Big Fag” in Romanian. Ha ha! Sounds about right for the True Patriot/Comedy Mod owners. Clearly the CCP are having another laugh at their expense.

  2. DiabloDemon

    I think you’re right Iggy. If Piaggio made a Vespa like that I would buy one. Sadly even if they could be persuaded there was a market they would never be persuaded that the comprise of classic looks over storage capacity of any kind was a good one.
    As a one off machine I think it’s fantastic. It’s been done so well it really does look more factory than workshop built. It would look ace with a SLUK driver screen.
    I think Mick has done a brilliant job overcoming problems and finding their solutions.

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