1. gatti500

    sorry , but i,d rather walk…

  2. Theraphim Hebraeorum

    Fantastic. Hover scooters next, like in Thunderbirds or the graphic novel “The Originals”. Put me down for one Santa.

  3. paul d

    Do those guys ever sleep? Wow, for a small operation their rate of development is very impressive! I’m liking everything I see.

  4. Bikerpete51

    Looking good Scomadi. The chinese brands can copy, but they’re definitely the innovators.
    I was relaxing watching the video near the end when you overtook the parked truck with the flashing indicators and the wind noise hit! Almost sh-t myself!

    • Dave D

      See what you mean! Was watching it with earphones on and was just wondering, “What wind noise?”
      Then I found out. Feckaduck!

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