1. Matthew Hart

    Venue – Hope Farm
    I’ll be getting there on the back or a Vespa 125 ETS
    Rally 200

  2. Marlon Smith

    hop farm going on me dragster also best scooter

  3. Matthew Tester

    Hop farm , paddock wood , on my jb race rep , low line supertune

  4. boozyjo

    Hop Farm, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge
    Going on Gloria Gayor my GTS
    Best scooter is anything that’s running because I don’t have to fix it.

  5. Justin

    Its being held at The Hop Farm, Paddock Wood, Kent. I’ll be going on my Lambretta Auto GP172. The best scooter ever built is the Lambretta GP200 as it a stylish and the design is a timeless classic that looks just perfect.

  6. Spencer

    Big 7 is being held at Hop Farm, Paddock Wood, Tonbridge. Riding my scooter/trailer combo. The best scooter ever built is my Lambretta YPVS 350 cos its barking mad, everso fast & has taken me all over this year from Teignmouth to Kelso, oh, & did I say it has a trailer?

  7. ts1shaun

    Hop Farm, Paddock Wood.
    On my Gayer as getting it ready to pop over to Prague on my way to VWD in Germany.
    The best scooter is one you’ve bought, built or made your own & enjoy riding! From tuned engine, to standard, from custom paint to a sticker, if you’ve made it your own & clock up the miles riding it then that’s the best scooter right there!……..but I am also partial to a nice GP200! 🙂

  8. 13emmylou70

    Hop farm paddock wood

    Ill be going on my vespa gtl125

    Best scooter ever is an ss180 because its a tank (and has a wide girth like me ..lol)

  9. Kurt Meyer

    Hop Farm Paddock wood Kent

    On my Vespa PX

    Vespa PX because Vespa Built it stopped Building it and due to demand started building it again.

  10. Col

    Hop Farm near Tonbridge
    On a PX 125
    The “P” range Vespa, By far the biggest selling scooter in the world, Millions of new owners cant be wrong.

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