1. Peter John Maisey

    TV 2 Lambretta
    Because I like being called a Grockle, (tiresome no nothing tourist).

  2. revit

    Exmouth National Scooter Rally (Official SWSC)

    T5 covered in sticy wood fablon

    I love the SWSC rallies because their the best rally events of the year!

  3. Alec Roberts

    Hayling Island
    LI 125
    They’re good

  4. Seb Deignan

    Woolacombe Scooter Rally.
    Got to be by train as a car wrote off me scooter. Put me in a coma &had a stroke. So can’t ride no more 🙁
    I love the SWSC rallies because…I always ava laff at the rallies. Always makes me feel complete <3

  5. 13emmylou70

    Vespa gt125l..
    I love swsc rallies because always value .well organised and thought out and Fun.

  6. Cindy Nietz

    Exmouth, woolacombe, warmwell I be riding either fuzzy felt dragster or the GTS. I love the SWSC rallies as they are organised by scooterist for scooterist (plus they are a bunch of fun loving friends too )

  7. Andrew


    In the car because my knee is still shagged & the accommodation is already paid for and I look forward to being called a car wanker all weekend.

    I love the SWSC rallies because it gives me a chance to get wasted with my Southern friends, and also give Dicko Stax Dixon a hug.

  8. Kev Freeman

    they are the nicest bunch of tossers you will ever meet

  9. John Fred Whelan

    1 woolacoombe
    2 lambretta li
    They’re the furthest away from Rotherham

  10. Cheryl Owen

    1) Exmouth, Woolacombe
    2) We are both touring the beautiful South West of England (Bristol, Weymouth etc) for the week on our Vespa’s before hitting the bright lights of Weston S.M. for the best of the years rallies …
    3) I love the SWSC rallies because its the greatest of Times, the best in Scooters, Music, Friends and Fun .. Extremely well organised by the folks of SWSC, Classics, Moderns, Customised, 4 strokes 2 strokes and after a little bit of Scumpy I might get a little personal stroke off the hubby too ..hopefully 😉

  11. Ank Lewis

    Woolacombe, P2 series special. I love swsc rallies because of the great roads and great people.

  12. Phil Tracey

    Woolacombe, T5, Because it’s there.

  13. Alan

    Teignmouth, on My Scooter Mrs trying to keep up in the car, I like SWSC Rallies cause there always well organised, great entertainment and a great ride out.

  14. Tony Trow

    Tenby … On a p200 with all my bags and wife. (Same thing realy ) I love sw rally’s always a good p up

  15. richard225

    Woolacombe, Lambretta li186, I love the swsc rally’s because we are shit at map reading and we know where they are, oh and they used my scooter on this years Weston patch

  16. Shaun french

    They are run by the people you want to see at rallies,

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