1. cakeub1

    IoW is special to me mostly because of the breakdown nightmares I’ve had on the way home from it 2/3 times I’ve been & I still go back for more

    I’ll be on my gilera runner going from Worksop

    • redwards608

      Iow special to me used to live there. Put deposit down on a t5 in June expected it ready due to previous owners shoddy restoration the shop have more ore less had to rebuild would love to be able to go but at this rate now doubt but would like to win to donate to a non transit van user

  2. lozmondo

    If you can’t find something to enjoy amoungst the thousands of scooters people and pints of lager… then take up knitting!
    Farnborough to Isle of Wight, it’s local but f*cking ace!!

  3. Pete Davies

    Coming all the way from Pompey I love the ‘I bet you don’t do any other rallies’ look I get from people!
    Seriously, it’s a great place to catch up with loads of old mates.
    As I’ll be riding straight from work I’ll also give the 2nd ticket to whoever turns up behind me.

    From Portsmouth (don’t laugh lol)
    On my rusty PX

  4. Theraphim Hebraeorum

    The Isle of Wight Rally is special to me as I…..

    Willingly support piracy in the Solent by handing over shedloads of cash to transport rider and machine just 2 miles by water, hourly. F@#%$$!

    Love to squelch through the mud in the Smallbrook showers after the last speedway meet and cleanse my hungover body in freezing water, daily. Aaaaagh!

    Camp in the Family Area, yet never fail to pitch next to “Shaz and Tray” who loudly regail me with tales of their bodily functions into the wee small hours, nightly . Naaaaaah!

    From Brighton with love, annually 😉

  5. Theraphim Hebraeorum


  6. ts1shaun

    Every rally is as good as you want to make it, riding, camping & drinking with great mates. The Isle of Wight is special as it’s full of even more special people than usual!
    Moving everything back to the Smallbrook campsite was a masterstroke by the VFM, it’s taken back the rally for road going scooterists.

    I’ll be riding my Li TS1 down hill from Northamptonshire.

  7. lynnilou

    Me and my man used to go to the iow in the early 80’s,been in 2000s..done the iow,Brighton Mersea tour with good mates and had a ball….so thought we’d have a trip back and do it all again….Hoping to come down on our series 1 ts1 but might have to be on the nexus,will have to see as coming down from edinburgh.

  8. Terry Vine

    Hello my name is terry vine and the IOW scooter run in my opinion is the epitome of the season, I have been attending for years because it was the place to find the biggest collective of nutters and like minded people but the last three on my lambretta chopper opened up scootering to me in a way only riders can appreciate. It is value for money laid on by the very fucking mental VFM at its finest. The weather is nearly always great and the friends I’ve made on this rally have over the years have remained just that!
    I shall be riding my lambretta chopper from March in the fens. Flatlanders s.c.

  9. Tomahawk777

    The Isle of Wight scooter rally is special to me because of the sheer atmosphere, people of all sorts, the weather, bands, and the fantastic scooters. The journey for me, two up with bags is one of two ferry crossings, last year we had spuds dept charging us from an overloaded trailer in Shropshire, ran out of petrol on the motorway outside Swindon, lost lights at night somewhere outside Salisbury, lost all power 200 yards from dock gate 7, made the 10pm ferry to the Island, can wait for this years adventure, what could possibly go wrong ! Gerard driving a PX200 from Naas, Co.Kildare, ÉIRE.,

  10. paul d

    Galway, sleepless Tuesday night. Wednesday midday goodbyes. Adrenalin nerves. Portumna, 40miles, fuel and deep breaths of holiday. Rosslare eats and checks, spanners out. Quietest spot on the ferry, shuteye. 1am Pembroke in a convoy of cars and trucks. 60 mile pitstop. Dark, cold, silent. The odd salute from irish trucks on the journey south. Daybreak in Bath. Coffee, fuel and commuter traffic. 730am Southampton, a chinwag with others like us. 40 winks across The Solent. Long John Eater for breakfast. 2 scooters with oil jug hoops across the floorboards. Smallbrook, pitch, sleep, party!

    The journey makes it special to me. It’s the only overnight we do. I’ll be traveling with my brother. He’s on a series 2 gt240. I’m on a series 3 gt240.

  11. Justine Gogan

    The Isle Of Wight rally is really special to me bacause it is where 18 years ago I married my husband. This weekend we will be travelling down on our series I Lambretta.

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