1. talmanmkln

    Iggy for Prime minister.

  2. Aub Hill

    Well put Iggy. Great content. I was only thinking and commenting on social media about this self same issue. I even wrote to Grant Shapps reminding him that he had forgotten about motorcycles and scooters in his recommendations for return to work transport. I’m still waiting for him to reply. I’m not holding my breath. However this may be a good time to send this piece to all of the local authorities including Mr Shapp, Bozza and Sadick Khan (No I did spell his name right) to jog their biased memories that we do exist and present the only viable option for personal transport and not just a plaything for a sunny Sunday trip to the cafe. Cheers keep up the good work.

  3. Nick Medskæg

    I live just outside Windsor and most of my work is along the Thames. Just completed in Canary Wharf and about to start in Stratford. The drive during lockdown was a pleasurable 1 1/2 hours each way being overtaken by cyclists as part of the route is 20mph.

    I can see this being a 3 hour each way journey by car, I would usually take the train/tube but we are now on a corporate ban from public transport.

    Part of me is yearning for the days when people worked more locally but the other part of me is wondering if I could launch one of those amphibious J ranges at Windsor and get to Stratford for 7.00 so that I can take up all the parking bays with the attached surf board buoyancy aids.

    Either way its going to be an interesting year.

    Ben Ford agrees with me.

  4. Neil Carr

    I said this on facebook ride5000 … they say the pollution has dropped very well and there is an opportunity to do things better so said prominent people.But listening to grant sharpes in parliment today all he encouraged was cycle,walk or car instead of walk,cycle or try buying a scooter to get around and you will self isolate too.if you ask me we are just heading back to high volumes of traffic with one person in the car and pollution rises…. and crammed public transport.Whilst I am on my forza 300 and will smile knowing I will be on my own instead of on the bus with lots of others.

  5. ULC Shane

    Iggy, you ain’t never gonna get a response from the Government about the use of PWT. Sad fact of life unfortunately

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