1. Helen Sean Robinson
    25th August 2016 @ 10:47 am

    Its not the wheelie or the lack of protection its his skin his loss..its riding in the bus lane to the left of a left turning lorry and jumping red lights that makes me cringe..

  2. paul d
    31st August 2016 @ 11:35 pm

    Wrapped ourselves in cotton wool and forgot to enjoy ourselves? I enjoy myself just as much wearing motorbike pants, padded jacket and a full face arai. Could have avoided a hellish year on crutches if I’d been wearing the kit many years ago.

  3. 2wheelover51
    3rd September 2016 @ 11:22 pm

    During the recent hot spell I have to admit to riding in jeans and t-shirt (with helmet and gloves of course!) and what a lovely feeling it is too. I’ll risk criticism from the “elf & safety” brigade because it just feels so good. 🙂

    However as others have mentioned wheelying and bad dressing isn’t the only motorcycing crime that this lad’s guilty of..

  4. MikeCollum
    5th September 2016 @ 5:53 pm

    Whilst we all seem to agree that the freedom of choice is good, and feeling fresh air around you body on hot days is nice, the word knob’ead still springs to mind! I’m no killjoy, but the kid has probably never fallen off yet, or been stopped dead by a twat in a car pulling out in front of him. The injuries would be horrendous. I bet he knows a place away from the roads where he can practice and show off to his mates, so why not do it there. Us two wheelers have a shit rap in the press etc, and all politicians assume we are crims’ anyway, he makes it worse, and gives the bike/scooter haters in the tin-boxes reason to feel that their hatred is justified. Have fun, yes, just do it somewhere more sensible…and hopefully safer.

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