It’s November, I’ve booked Warmwell for next year and I’m heading home after finishing the last of my rallies for the year…


Well that was 2019 BC (Before COVID) and I had no idea how 2020 was going to pan out; key-workers, clap for carers, furlough, face masks and worst of all, no rallies! Last weekend I should have been heading to Warmwell again, grabbing the keys to my chalet and heading to the bar. Well, as we all know that didn’t happen.




Deepest Dorset


Warmwell is SWSC’s end of season rally held on a holiday park in sunny Dorset, and is very popular with us southerners, though at this time of year you can’t always guarantee the sunshine!


I’ve been going for the last ten years, so I thought I’d have a little look back at those years. I’ve always had a great time there, it’s even got a ski slope, though sadly using it for tea tray tobogganing at midnight has now been banned (disclaimer, no that wasn’t me, I value my limbs). 



Not a hair follicle between the lot of 'em...
Not a hair follicle between the lot of ’em…


The chalets are actually comfy log cabins built in woods, with lakes and a stream to walk around and enjoy if you’re so inclined. Though I suspect that has come as a bit of a surprise to many reading this, as that really isn’t what we go for is it?




A jolly good do


SWSC have always had a reputation for putting on a good do, and throwing in the end of the year, pre-Christmas merriment, Warmwell certainly is no exception! Beer, bands and scooters, what more could you ask for?


It's amazing what you spot in the woods down in Dorsetshire...
It’s amazing what you spot in the woods down in Dorsetshire…


I can’t really say what my favourite memory of Warmwell is, there’s too many (as well as more than my fair share of blank spots). Though, possibly the one thing that really sticks out in my mind, has to be a pair of feet sticking out of some bushes, I, (of course) did the decent thing as I’m such a fine upstanding citizen… I left them there to sober up, I did try and get a pic but the feet disappeared into the undergrowth before I could get one.




An integral part of the Warmwell rallies has always been the bands, whether it’s the Friday and Saturday nights or sometimes just a chill-out band on the Saturday afternoon. There have been far too many for me to remember, no, it’s nothing to do with the alcohol ingested over the years, it’s just… OK, yeah, it’s the alcohol… Fortunately, SWSC Andy knows who played so his list is in the box out below. Let’s see who your favourite was.



Live at Warmwell


Heroes, Orange St, Fat Drunk Stupid, Timebomb, Killertones, 2 Rude, Diamond Dogs, The Rackateers, Jam DRC, Dc Fontana, Nobody’s Heroes, Communicators, Rocker Covers, Basketcase, The Talks, Sex Pistols Experience, Lo Numbers, Bootleg Blondie, Peleton, Double Barrel, Mighty Shrimp, The Skonez, The Corsairs, Decatonics, Modules, Chasing Rainbows, Special Brew.



2021 AD – After Disease (well, technically a virus)


Well, I must admit I’ve missed this year’s rallies, Warmwell especially, but hopefully 2021 AD (After Disease), whilst probably not back to normal ‘Oh yeah? what’s normal then?’, will maybe see us back out on the road again.


Oh, by the way, rumours that shares in the RAC have dropped because I’ve not been rallying this year are greatly exaggerated!


Stay safe people 

Words and photos: Booga


Booga’s Warmwell rallery

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