1. covboy

    I think these look really cool and I would consider buying one..0-60 in 4 seconds on a scooter!..
    I think at some point our beloved two strokes will be legislated off the road. It would be awesome if an electric motor could be developed that would fit in a Lambretta or Vespa.

    What are the rules regarding licences? – could my 16 year old ride one?


    Love it! Piaggio really have shot themselves in the foot with their culture of “Falso Storico”

  3. andyl

    It’s definitely got “I want one of those looks” . It seems to take an enthusiast to understand what it is that made a fairly humble machine like a Vespa desirable (“cool” if you like) in the first place. Piaggio aren’t alone in being incapable of capitalising on their back catalogue, just look at Volkswagen!

  4. Allan Tait

    How lucky was I !!! I was in Ho Chi Min city on my Holidays last week and went down to ” Saigon Scooters ” to buy a
    few parts for my Lammy . I met Pat his wife , mate Pete and the whole team from the shop and his workshop an absolutely terrific 3 hrs my wife and I spent in great hospitality …..
    The biggest BUZZ was to be the first person from the UK to test ride one of these scoots . I ve always been cynical about electric vehicles,,, BUT,,, ‘ riding this machine amazed me’ ,, it had everything you could wish for Excellent performance together with fantastic curves looks 10/10. MINT Machine ..

    A great big Thanks to all at Saigon Scooters Allan and Sarah

  5. Allan Tait

    Performance like I say amazed me , acceleration you wind the throttle back n your off as quick as my Li 125 I use for work daily no problem no gears so it s so easy and I mean really smooth , handling seemed light but right , The brakes were brilliant . If I had to go electric I’d have one of these there Grrreat .

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