1. russ1

    Id like to spend my August bank holiday in Spain

  2. lambretta67

    What about Bournemouth. Always been good rallies there

  3. paul d

    Still on the journey home from the isle, I really enjoyed it. I’d hate it to end. I’ve done it many years but still find the island interesting. Myself and my brother always do the steam rally on the sat. As a venue it’s got good potential for a rally…….

  4. Jim campbell

    Two words, Sandown Airport. Great venue which is geared up for events, they host Subaru and VW festivals. There are options if the regular site is developed. If people are honest the majority of scooterists enjoy a variety of gigs,pubs and restaurants away from the site so it seems either blinkered or arrogant to assume that if VFM don’t provide a campsite the rally won’t go ahead. For those of us who have attended since the early 80’s it’s still very much our Mecca and doesn’t need messing with.

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