1. David Renown

    Great review I am sure this will help many people (Y)

  2. Forty45

    Very informative thank you.

    Plenty to think about when weighing the Vespa against the Kymco GT300….

    You missed out the side stand allowing it to fall!

  3. ianmoran

    Great piece.
    I’m currently racking up a workshop bill with my 2015 GTS ie300.
    Intermittently, of course, it cuts out in traffic. Most recently, 5 times within 10 miles, which was a bit hairy at times, having to roll to the side of the motorway where there was no hard shoulder and hope the wagons didn’t run over the top of me while I prodded the started button a few times before being able to set off again. The last 15 miles home were problem free. It’s been like this before and at the dealer, they were good enough to look at it and not charge me when they found no fault.
    They’ve got it in the shop now and haven’t found any fault yet. No error codes come up on the software. Now they’re looking for a random damaged wire in the loom.
    I’ve kept to the service schedule. It’s done 12K miles.
    Legshield seams also showing corrosion. That’s why I’ve bought your mudguard extension!

    Any thoughts/ideas welcome, apart from “get rid” etc. I don’t want to sell a problem on, it’s hostile enough out there on 2 wheels without shafting other riders.


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