1. Rouby Roo

    The old 2015 Vespa GTS 125 was better:

    * dual-channel ABS
    * full 15 hp watercooled engine
    * anti-dive ’round-bushed’ front shock
    * had the same Vespa Multimedia platform as the new Euro-4 models
    * cheaper new

    If you can get a hold of the old model, and you’re stuck with a A1 license, that would be the best bet.

  2. burgmanrider

    Sticky, as ever, very good reviews. Just one thing, the ASR. I have it on authority from Piaggio and an experienced Vespa tech that this works by retarding the ignition and reducing the fuel to the injector when the rear wheel starts to slip and is not controlled by the rear brake functioning. As such it’s not quite as crude as you mention. The fuel supply being cut off completely if the slip is substantial until traction is regained. This seems to be the case with my own 2016 GTS300 euro 3 version at least. When moving off on deep gravel with ASR engaged (not switched off) the rear wheel begins to slip (the bike not even moving at this point) and the engine begins to slow and will momentarily cut out to gain grip if the throttle is kept at the same setting. The rear brake being observed by a tech friend who confirmed the brake pads did not operate and it was an engine function that was responsible for the dip in power to regain traction. I’ve had my GTS300ie abs/asr for 4 months now and it’s just fantastic. Love the bike, and it’s the one I go to all the time instead of my bigger now defunct motorcycles. They’ll be going. Please keep up the good work!

    • Sticky

      Thanks for the extra input, article edited as a result of your comments.

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