1. Doug

    For the next generation, commuting especially in cities – makes complete sense to me – but as I raise at weekends only, I will stick with a geared, rusty workhorse

    Well done Piaggio/Vespa though

  2. talmanmkln

    True piaggio style and innovation, I agree its a city dweller…… But for how long!

  3. stecks

    Hmmmm 100km is about 62 miles… Not sure that’s enough…?

    • iggy-grainger

      How many people ride 62 miles a day on a 50cc? Not many, charge it for free at work and you can do 124 miles a day…

  4. Paddy

    Yes as a 50 clone it’s a city only scooter and it’s got the right look and the tech is as good as it can be for the power output but I believe even people that like it would as normal be put off by the huge price it’s just not value for money yet.

  5. Sam Speight

    6K for limited performance! Missed opportunity me thinks. Sure electrics are the future but not at that price.

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