The long-awaited Vespa Elettrica goes into production in September and can be ordered online from October, ready customised to the owner’s specifications and with a choice of full electric or with a built-in generator to double its range by continuously charging the lithium-ion batteries as you ride. 

The power of silence

Powered by a 4kw 200 Nm electric motor the Elettrica is equivalent to a 50cc moped, although the linear power delivery will make it accelerate quicker than it’s petrol-powered equivalent. It has a range of 100km (200km for the ‘X’ version with generator) and a recharge time of four hours. The battery can cope with 1,000 charging cycles, which is equivalent to around 10 years of urban use, or 50,000-70,000 km’s. Charging is via an ordinary 3-pin plug which lives under the seat where the fuel filler normally sits. Pull it out, plug it in and charge whilst you’re at work/home (not so good if you live on the 10th floor though).

SLUK 72 4 12

Steel bodied

Vespa fans will be pleased to know the scooter carries on the family heritage by being made from a pressed steel frame and has plenty of options to personalise your scooter. The paint colour is the special chrome/grey finish you see in the photos but the legshield trim, horncast accent colour, wheel rims and seat trim are available in seven different colours. A further custom mod is the option to add a label bearing the owner’s name on the inside of the legshield.

There’s also a high-tech jet style Elettrica helmet in the same finish as the scooter, with colour coding to match your personalised machine. The helmet has integrated Bluetooth and will link to the scooter’s enhanced Multimedia Platform and can be used to make and receive calls, listen to music and use various functions, either using voice commands or by using the joystick on the right switchgear.

LED backlit backpack

Another novelty is the matching LED backlit backpack, made from reflective material and with a special notebook compartment and integrated powerbank for charging your mobile devices. Other Elettrica accessories include a matching top box, front and rear chrome luggage racks, windscreen, a side stand, electronic alarm, mechanical seat to handlebar lock, as well as a range of customised security devices and covers.

How much?

Electric vehicles are never cheap and when one bears the Vespa name and a high-spec like the Elettrica don’t expect a bargain. What it should do though is qualify for the electric ‘Plug in’ grant, which will save you £1500 off the as yet unknown retail price. More information as and when we get it…

New products always in development…