1. David Hampson

    I know that it has been mentioned their are ground issues with the big bore and xl, these are worse when cornering so much so that it has had a few people off their scoots so be aware when using these of this issue.

  2. paul d

    Another great article! I can’t understand why the various tuners didn’t run with the T5 box shape as a starting point instead of the p200 one. It has alot more internal space to start with and better looking too. Also I wonder can anyone explain why a larger diameter downpipe can cause pinking?

  3. James Davis

    Okay review, but I feel that for the masses, the PX200 isn’t relevant. Search on Ebay for example or look around at shows throughout Europe, and you will see that the average Vespa is a stock PX125 (or LML 2t) due to being learner legal. How about finding an exhaust that will help them? To them, 1bhp can make all the difference whilst bringing fresh blood, interest and encouragement into our hobby.

  4. Lukas Tobias Gruber

    respect, very nice test to all involved dudes and big thank you!

    megadella is missing, the compactL would have been very interesting
    as it is currently one of the hottest tips which is available

    in my view useability of a product is the most important thing
    in this respect the test misses 2 things are missing in this review
    it just focues on power, but as most people dont have a dyno at home
    –> the onroad experience is whats counting.

    ? is the box carefree driveable on the road?
    sure a power band tells a lot, but 2 things:

    factor 1) ground clearance, does the box stripe in curves?
    which is a totally NOGO for a box.

    factor 2) how loud is it, whats the sound?
    we dont want to loose our number plates to the police and annoy the neigbours

    there is a big variety of very good box exhausts available in 2018
    these 2 are the most important factors, when it comes to choos the right box.

    some boxes of this test fail with 2
    and others sadly fail with 1&2

    the problems are on hand and well known for quite some time
    hoping that the producers solve it with the next generation
    we will see 🙂

    drive safe!

  5. Czech

    censorship is true

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