1. Matthew Regonini

    The Corsa is a ton of fun and I encourage anyone who is interested to try it. So far, I have done it twice, but have yet to finish with a qualifying time. The course is always a challenge, but the people make it a great time.

    The first year I became incredibly lost and had a shotgun pointed at me when I stopped to ask for directions. On day two, I lost my wallet and had to rely on the kindness of other riders to pay for petrol. After recovering from a soft seize, I limped my way back to the finish line.

    For my second year, I holed a piston just a few miles from the finish after riding with the top 5 all morning.

    I’ll be back though, and I’m gunning for a win.

  2. Mark Anderson

    Here are few links regarding the Scooter Cannonball Run.




    and of course the movie …

    And a short clip

  3. febail

    I’ll be heading out for my second Cannonball with our crew of Honda Helix riders. The 3900 plus miles across the USA will be a blast, and the ride back to California will be just as fun, just at a more relaxed pace.

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