1. David Springall

    It is a shame that this is posted today the 8th, start of the ULEZ and that there isn’t a test centre outside of the zone. It is mighty expensive, somebody else making money from the scooterist.

    • iggy-grainger

      We only got the story at the end of last week and the testing centre isn’t open until today. Plus if you’re a resident you get a sunset period.

  2. Sticky Round

    Great news about the 2-strokes. I expect these testing centres will spring up in most big cities now.

  3. billsbluevespa2016

    I’ve got a mk1 p2 tuned vespa chopper I live in cricklewood northwest London I try to ride at least once a week about 30/40 miles if that as I’m disabled
    I try to get out and about to different rideouts but as a lot is inside the ulez it will stop me and a lot of people from pursuing with our hobby if I done the sons of anadin night ride like I do it will now cost me £25 before I even put petrol in
    So being on Benifit’s I can’t afford it so I won’t go to anymore dos or rideouts
    And I definitely can’t afford the £175 to get it tested so I’ll probably just give up riding altogether and so will a lot of people
    Sorry for the rant

  4. larryo

    I own a 1991 standard GP200 which I use every day for despatch riding, and learning the Knowledge. I’m the second owner and have owned it since 1993. I ride at least 50 miles per day and I can’t afford to have it tested or to pay the ULEZ charge, so this affects me drastically. I live in NW6 which is just outside the ULEZ zone and I’m going to have to change the way I work. I’m not going to use a push bike as it’s too slow and too dangerous. My car is exempt from the ULEZ so TfL are actually forcing me off a scooter and into a diesel car, adding to congestion and slowing me down at the same time. I’ll be selling my scooter.

  5. twowheelz

    My scooter is bellow the NOx limit and I have to fork out £175 to prove it???? This is either corrupt, shambolic or both

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