This season, Tracy has mostly been wearing the Tucano Urbano Urbana 5G jacket. What does she think of it?


Riding to Scooterist Meltdown in February is the perfect test for a winter jacket, as freezing rain and sleet really reminded us. I’m pleased to say that it passed that particular test with flying colours. As long as the colour is black, or possibly red.




All my previous jackets have failed to cut the mustard in the winter. Most motorcycle clothing manufacturers seem to think that girls only ride in the summer so most ladies bike jackets seem to have thinner linings in than men’s jackets. Perhaps they think that having a tapered feminine cut is more important than keeping warm. I’m sure for some girls, it is…


Thankfully Tucano have managed to pull off the clever trick of combining warmth and style by including an ‘Eco-down’ gilet that ‘poppers’ easily inside the jacket and can even be worn on its own once you are off the scooter. Eco-down is a posh word for Polyester, but it is still lightweight and doesn’t add too much bulk.




Another removable but welcome element is the fake fur collar (Eco-fur?) which does a great job of keeping the draughts out but will soak up the rain if you don’t remove it or wear a thin Nano rain jacket when it is really lashing down.




The breathable waterproof lining to the Oxford material outer has yet to be defeated by the rain, though I’ve not yet seen weather warm enough to see how it performs in the heat. Tucano call this a 4-season jacket and though it does have a mesh inner lining it doesn’t feature any zip-open air vents for the summer. In the UK summer might only be a few days in July anyway, so it probably fits the bill. If you live in hotter climes then I’d say this was more of an Autumn through to Spring proposition.





I chose a size L (44 Italian – 40 European) in order to have some room for more layers, and I‘d say that was about a Size 12 equivalent in the UK. There is an adjustable belt to taper the waist and the cut is long enough to keep my kidneys warm.




  • Subdued and stylish, not garishly pink or blue like most ladies bikewear
  • Warm
  • Not stiff or bulky
  • Subtle ‘ReflActive’ reflective bands in the collar and arms; which can be folded out of each cuff. These are a boon for hand-signalling on a vintage scooter
  • Tons of pockets, of which some are waterproof




The Urbana is certainly the warmest scooter jacket I’ve ever used in the winter and easily the most stylish. How it performs through the rest of the year we’ll have to wait to see.


The Tucano Urbana jacket is available in black or red and sizes from XS-XXL. The UK retail price is £199 and it is available from your local Tucano dealer or the SLUK Shop by clicking here.


Words: Tracy, photos Sticky


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