1. Scooterscum

    U takin the Psi‽!!!

    Good article.


    Another example of poor quality, weather vulnerable materials being used to fabricate the so called “premium” flagship Vespa GTS! Just like the atrocious lack of galvanizing of bodywork and lack of finishing of interior surfaces found in so many GTSs, that rot from the inside out. Including mine. If I spray ACF 50 on the inside weld seam at the bottom of the legshields it dribbles out the other side and runs down the front of the legshields where the welding is incomplete and where it has not been properly sealed and finished! Disgusting quality control. After this GTS dies, this will be my last Vespa ( after 37 years and 22 Vespas) as even my last two PXs had rot and Cosa clutch problems from new. Sorry Piaggio, you lost a loyal customer. Scomadi for me next.

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