What is the TSR Vortex?


This is a system designed in conjunction with LTH in Germany (and also sold under the LTH brand) with one goal in mind: to produce the maximum torque of any standard-style box exhaust and to do it affordably.


The TSR Vortex:


  • Retails for £99
  • Features a unique high-temperature O-ring seal on the exhaust stub
  • Fits at the cylinder stub by springs rather than a clamp
  • Sounds only a little louder than standard


TSR Vortex vs SIP Road 2 edit


When compared with the standard exhaust (blue) the Vortex (pink) annihilates it on performance throughout the entire rev range. Peak power rises from 9.7hp to 11.1hp over the same speed range as standard. From 3,500 – 5,000rpm the increase in power is 15-18%!


When compared to the ever popular SIP Road 2 (green) the Vortex makes marginally more peak power (0.1hp), but has a big improvement in torque in the 2,000 to 4,000rpm range.


What the Vortex does not do is rev-on like the SIP Road, so even though you get vastly improved acceleration, you do not get any extra top speed unless you make the gearing taller.




Vortex, huh, what is it good for?


The Vortex for PX200 is perfect for jobs where you need additional low-rpm torque; namely city riding or heavily-loaded (riding 2-up or pulling a sidecar).


The Vortex also suits kitted engines which suffer from a lack of torque to pull between 3rd and 4th gear. I tried an LTH Malossi-kitted demo scooter at Scooterist Meltdown and the Vortex turned the kit into a tractor that wheelied off the throttle and would be ace for the cut and thrust of city traffic. 


If the lack of over-rev is a problem then you can find more top speed – and make use of the best-in-class torque – by up-gearing the engine. This is most easily achieved by fitting a clutch cog with a greater number of teeth. DRT make such cogs which may be substituted without need to completely strip the engine.



  • Great price
  • Excellent low-rpm torque
  • O-ring slip-fitting great for sealing new alloy kits without damaging stub
  • Stamped with old BSAU approval number



  • Limited speed increase without altering gearing
  • O-ring fitting might not seal on worn alloy barrels 
  • O-rings can get damaged when you remove the exhaust so it’s worth buying spares


Where can I buy one?


You can find these easily on eBay or buy direct from TSR via this link


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