1. garry inglis

    what a brilliant tool well done all involved ill be getting one

  2. Gary Flint

    Great tool. You say the Buzzwangle tool will be available for £39.99. What use is the tool without a meter or can the meters separately elsewhere? Tks

  3. rumiman

    worthy of a spot on dragons den, that is a seriously clever bit of kit that I will be buying.

  4. ULC Shane

    Very clever piece of kit
    On the Xmas shopping list

  5. bibbror

    When will the bare Buzzwangle tool be available to order at Scooter Republic or SLUK?

  6. bibbror

    Any updates on ordering without inclinometer?

  7. lammymonza230

    Hi,wondering if it is the same to set the timing on a bgm flywheel.

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