1. train driver

    No rallies in 2021 and possibly 2022, this virus won’t be beaten quickly.
    If some restrictions are lifted it will be very irresponsible to ride around the country
    en masse.
    Stay home or we’ll be locked down for years

  2. Justin Searle

    When restrictions are lifted and it will be when, not if, we cannot live like this forever, and you can travel and you’re still within the guidelines, why is that being irresponsible? You might be quite happy to sit at home until 2023, you crack on, but ill be in the nut house by then!! So will look to get out and about within any guidelines where possible.

    • train driver

      Restrictions will be lifted but not as quickly as some would like.
      The days of huge groups in venues are over.
      Of course some of the £200 billion in bank accounts will go on fines paid by the rule breakers

  3. Dean Wardally

    I think it might only be IOW this year as it’s August later in the year. The quicker the vaccine rollout the better but there will still be rules to be adhered to. I think the organisers will have to play it by ear. I suppose your small numbered rally’s and rideouts should be ok. As said above sitting around is no good for your mental health. I was so bored last year I rode to Allstyles scooters from my home in Cheam just to keep me sane !

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