I still remember seeing the first adverts for a new German scooter shop. At the time the world seemed like a much bigger place, everything was bought locally either in person or by mail order. Remember this was pre-internet and mobile phone days and ordering scooter parts from overseas seemed a bit daunting. Word soon got around though and British Scooterists began to trust this foreign business with a three-letter acronym.


In the garage

Started by two twenty-year-old entrepreneurial Vespa fanatics – Alex (above left) and Ralf (Right), SIP Scootershop quickly became a name every Scooterist knew. The business grew from humble beginnings, starting with a small counter in a garage with products stored between the beehives owned by Alex’s father. Like any success story, it took (and still takes) hard work and determination to get to where they are today. SIP has expanded over the years into the colossal business it is today.


German style

Back in 1994, the German scooter scene was a breath of fresh air to us set in our ways Brits. SIP helped to export it around the world, giving us access to styling products not previously available. Their first SIP designed product was the Vespa race seat, a staple product for any street racer 25 years later. New styles of custom scooter emerged from a very Vespa biased country introducing us to a scene different to our own. With an emphasis on understated style and ultimate performance, the German way seemed like something to emulate.

We also realised quite quickly that favourable exchange rates (the pound was worth having back then) made it worth shopping abroad, even if we did have to phone Germany at extortionate rates for the privilege. There were no multi-lingual websites – or mobile phones with European data roaming to make things quicker and easier back then.

VIDEO | 25 years of SIP
SIP 25 years video book

25th Anniversary

This success story started way back in 1994 and SIP are happily celebrating their 25th anniversary. It’s still run by Ralf and Alex, although things have grown since then (you can read Sticky’s feature about their flagship store here) but these two very successful men still enjoy their passion for scooters and have made hundreds of friends during their journey.

We wish them every success for the future.


sluk shop advert

SLUK Plastics available DIRECT from SIP

SIP stock and supply all of the SLUK Plastics range for Vespa and Lambretta. It may work out cheaper for you to order direct with SIP if you’re buying other parts from them. Also if you’re outside the UK their postal rates will be better than we can ship abroad for.

Give them a try here: SIP SLUK Plastics.

Did you know that SIP stock all of our Vespa & Lambretta SLUK Plastics?