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There are certain times when you’ll need to carry a scooter in a van (and no I’m not talking about those people who can’t be bothered to ride them to the Isle of Wight, or various other events). There are also times where being able to support a scooter off the stand in a garage is useful. That’s where a wheel chock comes in handy.

I’ve been shifting scooters like this for a few years since I discovered wheel chocks whilst working at MSC. I bought one from eBay for my own van but like most, it’s designed for larger wheeled bikes so it’s not perfect, the forks can rub against the frame and the wheel doesn’t sit in the cradle as well as it should. Luckily metal magician, Jon Betts of JB Fabrication has started making scooter specific wheel stands. They fit classic scooters perfectly and the front clamp can be adjusted to accommodate wheels from 8″-12″.

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If you’ve ever had to put a broken down scooter in a van (I’m sure we all have) then you’ll know it’s a hassle to get it loaded securely. If you’re not used to it it can take 15 minutes or more to try your best to strap it down, and even then there’s every chance it’ll move in transit… or in the back of your Transit.

How to load a scooter properly

Using a wheel chock turns the job of loading a van into a simple 1-minute operation, here’s how:

  • Simply wheel the scooter into the van (having a folding ramp is the best way to do that, from £47.99 on eBay), and roll your front wheel into the wheel stand. The pivoting chock rolls forward clamping your wheel into the stand. Simple.
  • Don’t put your scooter on the centre stand.
  • I use two strap loops to loop over each handlebar grip, you can buy them for £3.95 on eBay. Simply loop those through themselves over the bars to form a kind of noose.
  • Then use two hooked straps, either ratchet type, or I prefer the simple buckle type straps (again eBay or a local car shop). One strap either side through the loops and down to your securing points in the van.
  • There’s no need to go mad when tightening the straps, you need to just compress the front suspension and make sure the scooter remains upright when tightening. Overtightening can risk snapping handlebars.
  • Check for side to side movement and if you’re happy that’s it, job done.

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It’s not for balancing

The clamp isn’t designed to support the scooter on its own though (without straps), it’ll tip over, although it has holes pre-drilled into the base so you can drill it into a garage floor, or fix to your van floor so that it can’t tip sideways. I’ve never actually fitted either of my clamps to the van floor but it is worth doing for extra stability and I’ve also used a strip of double-sided foam tape to stop the metal sliding on my van floor.

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Seconds after taking the first photo, this happened. We were heading to Ibiza on the scooter the day afterwards, luckily I got away lightly with a broken front brake lever. Don’t use it as a standalone scooter stand, that’s not what it’s designed for.


JB Fabrication SLUK offer

Jon is offering SLUK readers free postage on scooter stands if you mention SLUK. They cost £60 and you can email him on, phone him on 06810 652929 or visit his JB Fabrication Facebook page.

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