dolomiti tour


If you’re looking for a last minute adventure and own a Lui, Vega or Cometa here’s your chance to experience the best of Italy on an all-inclusive weekend riding holiday. 


The whole world seems to be going Vega mad! If you own one of these futuristic ‘peds then you can’t afford to miss out on the Dolomiti LUI Experience Tour which takes place over the weekend of 12th-14th July 2019! The event is reserved exclusively for owners of the Lui 50C/CL and Lui/Vega/Cometa 75cc models and it’s jointly organised and sponsored by Bruno Pisa @ Scooter Italiano, Fabio & Alan @ TV Scooter Garage, the Rimini Lambretta Centre crew and the Lambretta Club of Friuli.




The entrance ticket is ALL INCLUSIVE and for just €280 you get:

  • Goodie bag with the road book
  • Legshield banner and event patch
  • Tickets for breakfasts
  • Tickets for the participating restaurants
  • Tickets for lunches
  • Evening meal and hotel accommodation for Friday and Saturday nights
  • Baggage relocation by the organisers (so you can travel lighter)
  • Technical assistance and back-up van if needed




The Dolomiti LUI Experience Tour will see you fully immersed for three days in the world-renowned Dolomite Alpine region of Northern Italy taking you along a route that is simply unequalled anywhere else in the World! It’s divided up into three legs of approx. 120-150km (75-90 miles) each day, covering three Italian regions, six Dolomite Passes and will take in absolutely stunning locations such as Zoncolan, Lavaredo and the Misurina lake! This will be a one in a lifetime experience and all on your Lambretta Lui.





Friday 12th July

The starting point is at ‘Scooter Italiano’, located in San Quirino in the Pordenone area of Italy, with breakfast offered by Bruno Pisa. The Dolomiti LUI Experience Tour sets off and passes through the towns and villages of Spilimbergo, Valeriano, Pinzano al Tagliamento, Forgaria del Friuli, Lago di Cornino, then onto the road to Bottecchia, Lago dei 3 Comuni, Cavazzo Carnico, Verzegnis, Villa Santina, Ovaro, Liaris and then the incredible climb up to Zoncolan which will test your clutches to the limit! Once there lunch is offered by the Lambretta Club of Friuli. Then we head back down to Sutrio, Comeglians, Rigolato and finally we stop at Piani di Luzza where we will spend the night at Ge-Tour.


Total mileage is 150km / 90 miles.




Saturday 13th July


The route takes in Piani di Luzza, Sappada, Santo Stefano di Cadore, Auronzo, Passo S. Antonio, Padola, Passo Monte Croce Comelico, Sesto, San Candido, Dobbiaco, Carbonin, then the amazing Misurina Lake. Once again lunch is offered by the Lambretta Club of Friuli up at the 3 Cime di Lavaredo. We then head towards the Passo 3 Croci before finally arriving at Cortina d’Ampezzo with the evening meal and hotel accommodation at the Hotel Argentina!


Total mileage is 140km / 85 miles.


Sunday 14th July

The route leaves Cortina d’Ampezzo then onto San Vito di Cadore, Tai di Cadore, Perarolo, Ospitale, Termine, Longarone, the Vajont dam, Cimolais, Barcis, Montereale Valcellina before the Dolomiti LUI Experience Tour concludes at ‘Scooter Italiano’ in San Quirino.



As the event is ALL INCLUSIVE you simply don’t have to worry about anything at all, other than filling up your Lambretta Lui, Vega or Cometa with petrol! Each evening you’ll find your luggage waiting for you at the reception of the chosen hotels. There will be a few additional things added to the event along the way, such as a visit to a Vespa Museum and we’ll be visiting an area where Roger Moore filmed the James Bond movie, ‘007, For your eyes only’

During the Dolomiti LUI Experience Tour there will be a few Lambretta Lui scooters equipped with the new ‘CP One35’ kits by ‘Casa Performance’ and you’ll be welcome to try for yourselves in first person the most eagerly awaited innovations for the Lambretta in 2019!

The event is strictly for a closed number of participants so don’t delay in contacting Bruno Pisa ASAP at


More info is available here: Dolomiti Experience