1. linsey fraser

    Great read
    Guess where I want to go now…

  2. Nudger

    A fantastic holiday hire vehicle we couldn’t fault it, but it will never be a Lambretta!
    Never say never!

  3. Doug

    Great place and a great ride…anyone else going , there is a huge Lambretta/Vespa private collection in sant Agata you should see and touch base with the Lambretta Club Campania

  4. mcaluan

    Great inspirational story…. I want to go!

  5. EddieStone

    I’ve literally just got back from a holiday in Sorrento where we hired a GTS 250 to ride the Amalfi coast. We rode up to Furore for some stunning views as well. A great day’s ride, once you got used to not acknowledging every PX you see. Saw a beautiful Lui in Amalfi (was it Sam’s?!) and past Amalfi the ride got narrower, twistier, and quieter with less coaches.

    Those GTS’s are like forbidden fruit to a long time Lambretta rider – probably the best Vespa ever made. I’ve been browsing a few sites thinking about buying one…

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