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  1. Zap Brannigan

    This type of event can be great fun for people who enjoy rallies for the “getting there” as much as the being there.

    Back in 2004, the honourable Scooter Trumps Dave and I ran a similar one day scooter “Treasure Hunt” that took in about 100 miles of Kent and Sussex countryside with clue waypoints along the course. It was called “D-Day Dash” as it was a Royal British Legion fundraiser to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the D-Day Landings. There was a colour ad in Scootering magazine with Churchill on a scooter.

    Well, forty people signed up to get sponsored to ride and on the day itself, a beautiful June day, only six turned up to ride!Those that did thoroughly enjoyed it. The event itself was a fundraising flop. Dave and I had put hundreds of pounds into it and various sponsors had donated quality kit as prizes. Very disappointing indeed.

    At the after event bash at the RBL Crawley, about a hundred scooterists turned up for the Northern Soul and the piss up and we at least took £500 for the RBL.

    The moral of the story is, most British Scooterists are more interested in a short ride out and getting pissed to Northern Soul etc. as they have done a hundred times or more and are so set in their ways that anything new and challenging would not. be supported.

    The European scooterists are more up for such events because they enjoy a scenic ride and a nice meal as a reward and not simply getting wasted once parked up.

    Now it would cost so much more to set up such an event due to risk assessments and insurance that it would not be worth it at all for a handful of attendees. Shame.

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