1. paul d

    I agree with all of the sentiments written here. We had a great time! I’m always fascinated by the variety of scooters and people that make the trip. VFM did an excellent job. There’s no better rally for spontaneous conversation with new people and just hanging out. Fastest weekend of the year!

  2. EddieStone

    I’d echo those sentiments as well. The IOW rally is always good fun. We went on the ride out and it was very wet, but a great atmosphere and STILL loads of people came out to wave. Brilliant.

    I’d like to pass on thanks to the bike club that marshall the ride out, giving up their time on a Sunday. Especially this year where they were standing in the rain rather than chilling in the sun. Without these people they’d be no ride out.

    I’ve met great people at the IOW, always up beat and friendly.

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