Protective footwear is a must on a scooter, but you don’t want to be wearing full-on power ranger boots ever time you go out, do you?

TCX are an Italian firm who have been making boots for other brands for a number of years, so they tell us. A few years back now, they introduced their ‘Street’ range of boots, which to all intents and purposes looked like casual style baseball boots. But they weren’t.  They even did a waterproof version that offered protection against both the elements and worse.

This brings us nicely up-to-date to the boots I have literally been wearing daily for the last couple of weeks, and that have been used relentlessly for that last few months. The latest offering from TCX are these X-Groove GTX boots, which are designed in a similar fashion so that to the naive eye, they could well be casual wear.
But don’t let that deter you because despite the fact they are both ideal to wear with jeans when riding and smart enough to go to the pub as well, these TCX X-Groove GTX boots come with CE approved protection and they’re waterproof too.

The TCX X-Groove GTX boots are priced at £144.99, but shop around for the best deals!
The TCX X-Groove GTX boots are priced at £144.99, but shop around for the best deals!

The X-Groove features both a discreet offset zip and also a central lace-up system for both a secure and snug fit.
Once on, they are indeed very comfortable. Their first outing was a Piaggio scooter launch in Italy during which they were the only footwear I took with me from riding to the airport, coach transfer the other end, dinner that evening, test ride in Italy, and back home again the following night.
I’ve recently had a week working away – commuting by scooter, so again travelling light – and they are simply so comfortable. As a bonus, being in the UK, I’ve also tested the fact that they are waterproof too, which they are indeed.
From the off they needed no breaking in and immediately felt like your favourite ‘old pair of trainers’.
Described by TCX: “special and virtually entirely manual technique allows the boot to be shaped on a ‘mould’ that faithfully reproduces the anatomy of the foot”;  the X-Groove GTX’s ‘Comfort Fit System’ certainly seems to work.

The X-Groove GTX has a full grain leather upper and a Gore-Tex lining which is what allows your feet to breath while keeping them dry in the rain.
The boots also have reinforcements around both sides of the ankle, as well as the toe and heel areas for protection, but despite this they don’t feel hard, stiff or uncomfortable.
In fact there is only one area of complaint, and it’s a minor one,  but the anatomic and replaceable footbed tends to slide as you put your foot into the boot, so it takes a bit of practice to stop the insole getting ruffled. More haste, less speed…
Little niggle aside, these boots are comfortable, waterproof, casual yet protective, and score highly in our opinion.


 The TCX X-Groove GTX boots come in black, will suit both male and female riders, and are available in sizes EU36 to 48, priced at £144.99, but shop around for the best deals in down – they’re out there!


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