1. mickymidas

    On the plus side the delay in new scooters from the far East will give me more time to save my paper round / lollypop man money for a new Scomadi ,

    Every cloud eh ?

  2. wintermod65

    Happy to give continued support to the classic scooter restorers/ tuners /painters/parts suppliers that have delivered good service over the years., my spanish S2 is at a well known west mids restorer having upgrades and tweaks as we speak.

    the plus side of Covid-19 has to be delays to anymore of the rubber band driven far eastern wheelie bins coming over here.

    imagine a future of row after row of only these “tuperware nightmares” at events or rallies Ferdinando and Enrico must be turning in their graves!!

  3. ULC Shane

    And now uk in more or less total lockdown

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