1. Roastbeef73
    31st August 2017 @ 1:14 pm

    Nice unbiased comments as usual Sticky.
    The I.W will always be different to other rallies and “carnival or circus” are terms not far away from the truth.
    The big plus is it caters for all.
    If your old school….youve got it all at Smallbrook and the traditional rally feel.
    Whether its cashing in or taking part the Island generally embraces it.
    VFM cant lose from other promoters surely and they do a great job in offering the full package…..if thats what you want.
    I found watching the rideout video it lacked “Scooterists” and was mainly older and younger people showing it caters for all.
    Living here on I.W and running a scooter club i get lots of new members who, like many just want to go out and have a ride around, and are not commited to national rallies and never will etc.
    We dont descriminate and welcome all with open arms.
    What the I.W rally has done has introduced fresh youngsters coming through who i believe are inspired by it.
    We are seeing them as well joining.
    The bottom line is, as long as the scene stays inclusive and diverse it can only bloom.
    Great rally and see you all next time

    • Sticky
      31st August 2017 @ 3:07 pm

      The number of youngsters is certainly encouraging, and there are plenty of scooterists on the island, but maybe the rideout itself needs spicing up to get them to do it again. The route is nearly always the same. Going up over the downs would be far more scenic than Bembridge.

  2. paul d
    31st August 2017 @ 10:35 pm

    We enjoyed the rally! Great company, great weather, broad mix of people and different scooters. Well done to all involved.

  3. Willo
    1st September 2017 @ 7:45 pm

    you pretty well summed up my feelings about it last year,i noticed the decline in attendees then and as i hadn’t been for 2 years at that point i noticed that the pubs had a lot less in them.Moving it all to the campsite i can see why VFM have done it but not for me i’m afraid and didn’t want to go this year(couldn’t in the end due to work anyway) but that didn’t stop my comrades going.They after this year now will also no longer be going they were saying it was less attended than last year even,i think VFM have made an error but it’s there call,there rally.It will more likely be Brighton for me next year as it appears that a lot more scooterists(not mods) are heading there now so i’ll check it out.So IOW goodbye it was nice while it lasted.

  4. donnysoul
    5th September 2017 @ 12:20 pm

    After taking a break from the isle of Wight to go to Brighton for a change last year. Coming back made me see how special the isle of Wight rally is .I know it is a bit more expensive to do but . For me it’s worth every penny
    No other rally euro or mainland compares to this one .we the scootering community created this great rally and should treasure it. Thanks from me to the vfm people for another great rally

  5. H
    11th September 2017 @ 11:55 pm

    Fab write up Sticky with many points resonating with my experience. What I love about the IOW rally is it’s sheer inclusive diversity. It reflects the whole bandwidth of the scene all there for one thing and one thing only? Sheer enjoyment however you like to roll it. Pretty much the only one I will never miss these days, if nothing else but for the straight off the Ferry – Customary ride down Union St and along the Esplanade before on to your digs be it camping, Hotel or B&B! Long may it continue 🙂

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