Coming less than a fortnight after EICMA, Motorcycle Live may have lost some of its excitement, simply because we’ve seen and read about all the new bikes and scooters on the internet already but it’s still well worth a visit.



The BMW C evolution seems capable of improving the sex appeal of the older gentleman whilst simultaneously saving the planet and emptying your pockets. Good work BMW. 

Motorcycle Live is packed with attractions and interactive features, both on the road, on dirt and with live shows to watch. It also gives you a chance to get up close to all the new models under one roof, try them out for size, compare them and their features with their rivals and maybe pick up a bargain or two whilst you’re there. I bumped into one chap I know who had just bagged himself a TomTom Rider Premium pack for £100 less than the retail price.


Monday was very busy and the show as a whole had quite a good buzz about it. We’ll not bore you too much by showing you every new model (read our previous EICMA reports and watch our videos for that) but here are some of the scooter related highlights and a few products from the show.



GTS pegs




As well as the new colours and updated Vespa GTS the Piaggio stand also showed off some of the stylish new accessories for the brand. New screens, footpegs, horncasts, light surrounds and other items will be made by high-end Italian component manufacturer, Rizoma and sold through Piaggio dealers. Don’t expect them to be cheap but the quality is fantastic and styling is great.


If you’ve been wondering why the GTS has reverted to the old style front suspension you’ll still be wondering because nobody on the Piaggio stand knew either, apparently it was just ‘slipped in.’ More info on the Vespa range can be found at UK Vespa.

Peugeot Django NEC



Peugeot are back with a bang and as well as the new Speedfight and updated Metropolis the Django is the model they’re pushing for 2017. Their impressive stand had a swarm of the multi-coloured retro scooters on display. With a multitude of good quality chrome accessories the French firm are aiming the Django squarely at the forward thinking moddy type rider.


Keep your eye on SLUK if you’re a Django fan because we’ll be taking a close look at them soon. More Peugeot info can be found here.





Our favourite type of four wheeler, the Quadro 4. An awesome machine to ride, we’ll have some video action and a road test comparison over the next few weeks. from when we rode one to Germany and back alongside an MP3. Visit their website for more information or read our earlier stand alone Quadro test here. For now you can feast your eyes on a naked Quadro, phwoar….


Scorpion Exhausts


Another British firm looking to increase their presence in the scooter world are Scorpion Exhausts. Their stand included the Vespa GTS, Scomadi 200 and Yamaha NMAX, elsewhere around the show a few other scooters sported the familiar Red Power exhausts (including the Django and Metropolis).


We’ve been testing a Vespa GTS exhaust for them throughout 2016 (review coming soon) and we’ll also be trying a new catalysed GTS exhaust before Christmas. Check Scorpion out here.




National Association of Blood Bikers rider, Peter Langdon (pictured) was presented with a new Davida Speedster V3 helmet at the show. Peter said “I’m looking forward to being able to ride in the Davida whilst carrying out my volunteering because an open face helmet enables me to communicate more easily and quickly with the hospital staff I come into contact with.”


If you’re going to wear an open-faced helmet (and lots of classic scooter riders choose to) then you really should make it the best. British company, Davida have been proudly manufacturing their helmets in Birkenhead since 1975.


Speedster V3


They chose the NEC to launch their new road legal Speedster V3. The Speedster was one of the first Davida helmets back in the 1970s. It’s retro but has been bought bang up to date with dual marked certification to ECER22-05 and DOT FMVSS No.218.


The helmet is produced from a GRP composite using Formula One derived orbital lamination techniques to produce a very strong shell all over the helmet, rather than just in strategic safety testing points like many helmet manufacturers. It also has a multi-density EPS shock absorption liner and removable, interchangeable leather interior (available in five colours). It comes in 19 colours as standard but like all Davida helmets can be custom painted by the factory to match your scooter and it looks pretty cool. See the full range here. 





From one extreme to the other, I’ve been wearing Arai since at least 2005 and currently stick my head inside an RX-7V – See review here 


This wall of helmets features the new models (including the QV Pro) and styles in the Arai range; they all use the new R75 shell from the top of the range RX-7V but are slightly more affordable. Like all Arai helmets though they’re top quality and have all the features you’d expect from a leading helmet brand. Check out the latest models here. 






Another great British innovating brand, Knox. The firm were showing off their new lighter, stronger Micro Lock armour which will be rolled out across the Knox range for 2017.


They also had some tasty additions to the Studio Collection with some nifty tech to help keep riders safe. Not only are their new jackets stylish, comfortable and able to take advantage of the multi-layering system but they also feature reflective technology on the sleeves. In normal light (left above) it just looks like a stylish jacket, when light hits them the sleeves glow (above right) in a similar fashion to our Ultra-Reflective SLUK jackets. The full Knox range can be seen here. 






Scooter riders often like to wear more casual styles than bike riders but still need protection. Roadskin were showcasing their Titanite hoodies and jackets. The promo video on the stand demonstrated the fabric being sanded by a belt sander and resisting cuts with a hunting knife – this fabric is used by the special forces and is tough. We hope to be testing some of their clobber soon but you can read more about it here.




Another British company who have been designing and making custom billet motorcycle accessories for a while. If you’re looking for custom mirrors, levers, lever guards, fuel caps, indicators, pegs and a whole host of other items Oberon probably make it. More details here

IMG_4103800PX 2
Givi tunnel bags




Most scooter riders need a good bag and if you like luggage Givi are well worth a visit. Loads of well designed, good quality bags and hard luggage for both bikes and scooters. The 2017 range includes these new denim style tunnel bags and packs, plus a range of khaki green roll top luggage that will no doubt appeal to any old scooter boys. We’ll have some news and product tests from Givi in the new year but for now you can get more information here.




Visit this week, the show runs until 27th november – click image for full details