1. Sticky Round

    Fair play Howard, good work.

  2. Doug

    Top man Howard, all round top scooterist – don’t care what you say about his snoring, his hair cut or his slightly portly physique – he’s a good egg

  3. rsharpe68

    Good read that, well done Howard, nice to know there are decent people out there doing their bit for the community, enjoy your JD buddy.

  4. Theraphim Hebraeorum

    Hmmmm, a mallet eh? Interesting. Croquet, polo or timpani?

    I would favour the second, as long as you wear your jodhpurs when you use it on said scroates, as you have a valid reason for the mallet to be in your possession if questioned by the police.

    Otherwise, put on your best “Alice in Wonderland” outfit and have at them! 😉

  5. EddieStone

    Some interesting information about getting your scoot back. Bear in mind that offence against a person is considered worse than an offence against property. These scumbags are more than happy avoiding prosecution from the law for nicking stuff, but equally keen to use the law if it means a personal injury claim for assault.

    A tip I’ve used (for a burglar I caught once) is to sit on them then phone the police/backup. Sitting on someone is just about the only form of restraint you can use and not risk prosecution.

    Good on Howard for doing the right thing, and going to so much effort.

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