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Apparently the fat bloke will be emptying his overloaded sack around the world in just a few days time which means it’s probably time to start panic buying for the Scooterist in your life. Calm down though, we’re here to take some of that stress away by not only having some of the best products and top brands but also having a fast, reliable mail order service (sorry, chimney deliveries aren’t available).  


Here are a few gift ideas and stocking fillers selected from our SLUK Shop. There are plenty more to choose from though, so pop inside and browse to your heart’s content. 

Everybody loves a book

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These three books were written by three wise scooter men (maybe).


Scooter Boys by Gareth Brown – updated 2019 


First up we have Gareth Brown’s revamped for 2019 30-year-old Scooter Boys book. The book is well worth having if you’ve not got one of the earlier copies, or even if you have and like to collect a full set. You can buy that one here for £14.99 with free UK postage.


Scooter Lifestyle by Iggy Grainger – reprinted 2017


Iggy’s book depicts his own journey from 1985-2007 with loads of great photos of people you’ll know or recognise from the rallies. It costs £19.99 and can be bought here.


Scooterboys – The Lost Tribe by Martin ‘Sticky’ Round – New in 2019


Sticky’s book was new for 2019 and has loads of unseen photos from those crazy days, back when Scooterboys were about as popular as Greta Thunberg at a sprint meeting. It’s a book well worth having just to reminisce if you were there and to help you understand how it was back in the day if you weren’t. Get yours here for £16.95.

MoniMoto Tracking device – £148


This really is a very useful gift. It will track your scooter/scooters and doesn’t have to be wired in. It takes just 5 minutes to set up and you get great peace of mind. Every scooter owner needs one of these. Get one here…

SLUK Merchandise


A T-shirt is always a good stocking filler. We have ladies and gents in various styles, pick your favourite and show your support for our FREE online scooter magazine. They cost from £15-£16.50 and the quality is mega. 

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Tucano urbana 5g
Tucano heated
tucano upload men

Tucano Urbano


We use and recommend Tucano Urbano and have a hand-picked selection of their current range. Everything from heated gloves to waterpoofs, Termoscud leg covers to jackets and boots. Tucano have you covered from head to foot in stylish gear that works. Have a look here. 

SLUK Plastics™


With over 60 products in the SLUK Plastics™ range – and more to come, there’s something for everybody. We make our own practical solutions and styling accessories here in the UK. From SLUK Supports to SLUK Guards and Driver screens to LED rear bumpers, oil carriers to mudguards. We now make 30 different screens for most popular models and supply our parts to some of the biggest dealers in the world. 

ScooterNova subscription


Our friends over at ScooterNova Magazine would love to see your loved ones (or treat yourself) having a nice shiny subscription to the mag for Chrimbo. 


A year’s subscription to ScooterNova magazine will cost you just £30 a year. You’ll get six issues delivered direct to your front door and won’t ever have to carry a copy home from a rally with you again, which means your magazine collection will look pristine for years to come. 

Back issues are also available but issue 1 is already out of stock so fill your boots quickly if you want to complete your collection…

Buzzwangle £89.99

If your other half likes to tinker at home, he or she will be happy to find a Buzzwangle under the tree. It makes the job of setting timing much easier and more accurate. It’ll leave him with more time for finishing those DIY jobs as well…

scorpion all black



We supply all the popular makes of four-stroke scooter exhaust. Everybody likes to wake up to a nice new pipe on Christmas Day. 


Scorpion Remus Akra TSR

Stylish rider wear from the following brands…



They’re brands that go hand in hand with cool Italian scooters. From leather gloves and brogue boots to man bags, wax cotton jackets and field jackets. Check out the full range by clicking the links above.

Airhawk seat

Air Hawk


Tell your gran it’s a whoopie cushion and have hours of fun on the big day. Although of course for long-distance riders an Air Hawk makes a great gift and will save the pain in the arse job of thinking of something to get your other half.


They’ll appreciate one of these more than the usual smellies and socks.


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