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In the last few years, British rider clothing brand Spada have undergone somewhat of a transformation. Whereas before they were a competitively priced alternative to some of the better-known brands, producing similar looking, ‘typical motorcycle’ type clothing, more recently they have struck out on their own, creating new products that are more about leading than following in design.

Casual yet feature packed

Thankfully, the pricing remains competitive, the quality as good if not better, but the styling has certainly moved forward, especially for the rider who wants something practical for everyday use. The Spada Seeker jacket is a great example of this, constructed with ‘high-quality military grade cotton canvas’ with a fixed polyester mesh, it has both a removable Reissa waterproof and breathable lining and removable thermal quilted lining, yet looks and feels like a casual jacket you’d wear for a night out rather than a ride. It also boasts CE protectors at the shoulder, elbow and the back, which again are as unobtrusive as the rest of the garment.

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I first reviewed this in edition 2 of ScooterNova magazine and immediately found the Seeker comfortable and easy to wear on the scooter, not restrictive in any way. During its first outing on my Model D up to Rotherham, it proved itself to be 100% waterproof as well. There is a removable hood in the collar too, by the way, should that kind of thing be important to you or your hair needs protection from the rain upon arrival.

Vents and liners

When the sun came out however the subtly located vents were opened, cooling sufficiently, and for those late rides home subtle reflective prints on the front and rear add to the safety. For when summer really arrives, the liners can be removed as well, with a thermal and waterproof one included. While not complicated, they can be a little fiddly so my advice is to practice refitting them in the comfort of your own home rather than leave it to a wet, windswept motorway hard shoulder.

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12 months of use

More than 12 months down the line and my Spada Seeker has somehow become a jacket of choice for riding whenever the weather is not too cold. If I had any criticism, one of the liner’s inside pockets has split a little, I think partially due to me trying to stuff too much into it. The olive part of the jacket is starting to look a little grubby now, but in fairness it has done thousands of miles and is well overdue a good cleaning. I just wanted to see how it faired.

The RRP of the Seeker is £169.99, unchanged from when I first wrote about it in 2017 which isn’t bad for a very nice piece of kit indeed, and competitively priced in my opinion. You can certainly feel the quality of the Seeker when trying jackets on one after the other in a shop, especially when compared to some ‘cheaper’ brands (although not always cheaper products!). As a British brand, I find Spada sizing more honest than some European brands, so I always recommend trying before you buy. And take your gloves too, for in this instance the Seeker’s cuffs are only Velcro tabbed so you need to make sure yours will work with it.

Overall, for a casual, lightweight, waterproof jacket with protection for the rider, this will be hard to beat. And if the style is your thing, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.”

Contact: Spada Clothing  

Words: Andy Gillard ScooterNova magazine

Riding shot: Mike Oxley

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