Here are the final entrants for our SLUKin’ Christmas competition. We’ll announce our winner at 7pm. 


#4 Brian Cole: Scooter sketches


Talented Brian Cole sent us a couple of his scooter sketches, this one from the Isle of Man TT course is a cracker. 


MB Big Box +30mm phbh 002800PX

#5 Richard Oswald: 


As my entry for the Christmas competition I would like to share this tip with you. It’s how I helped my S Type breathe with an under panel foam filter without the necessity to cut a hole in the side panel, therefore retaining the standard look.


Cut it down 


The problem is usually how to fit the foam filter in under the panel without squashing it and restricting airflow. My answer was to take a standard Indian airbox (I didn’t want to cut my Italian one) and cut it in two down the middle, then re-fit it so that it still looked standard from the battery tray side but not from the carb side.  


MB Big Box 30mm phbh 005800PX 1
MB Big Box 30mm phbh 001800PX


There was now plenty of room for the foam filter with the added bonus of good airflow from the half filter box via the under seat air-scoop, on top of the general under panel airflow.



I have found that this works really well with good air flow to the carb and the carb was easy to set up. The photos show just how it looks when done. This will only work with a standard fuel tank though as larger tanks usually necessitate the total removal of the airbox.




#6 Ricky Freeman: Cheddar Gorge ride with the Weston Scooter Club.


Nice bit of rear facing and drone action from Ricky, set to a great backing track by The Leylines – you can’t help but tap your feet. 


Previous entries

The first flurry of entries for our SLUKin’ Christmas competition have begun to arrive. We’ll be drawing the winner on 21st December at 21:00 hours so you’ve still got time to send in an entry. The prize is a £200 Sena Prism action camera. 


We’re looking for your scooter related videos, stories, tips or a ‘Moment in time.’ Full details can be found by following this link: SLUKin’ Christmas


Here’s the first three entries. If you can do better get writing those stories, search out your videos or just send us some tips or bodges… You’ve got to be in it to win it. 


#1 David Davidson: Mods vs Mods Toronto video


Our first entry comes from over the pond, it’s a nicely shot and edited video from a ride out to a local Fred Perry shop in Toronto. The video is by David Davidson and ends with a party sponsored by Fred Perry at the shop. It’s good to see the Canadian scooter riders having fun. 



#2 James Evans: Scooter holiday in Brittany


A collection of photos set to a backing track of gallic accordion music showing the trials and tribulations of a scooter holiday by Lambretta. 


#3 Cliff Cornwell: Simplon Pass Switzerland 


Cliff sent this video in, stunning scenery but maybe not enough action. It was filmed riding south up the Simplon Pass in Switzerland in 2011 on the way to Italy. 3 Lambrettas and 2 Vespas. (No support vehicle). Great fun.


How to enter


Simply email your entry, be it video, story or something else scooter related that you’d like to see on SLUK. We’ll choose a winner on Wednesday night. Email to: editorial@ScooterLab.UK