We’ve been struggling with a few website function issues over the holidays that have stopped the menu ‘burger’ icon from functioning.

The ‘burger’ is the only way for mobile and tablet users to navigate the rest of the site, to use the ‘Search’ magnifying glass, and to access our shop, so it’s great to have it back online.

Is all this talk of burgers making you hungry too?

The other feature we have introduced is automatic notifications for most browser users. Details are below…

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We’ve consistently had two comments from scooterists we’ve met out-and-about this year:

  1. “We love your SLUKin’ stories, but I forget to look on the website until I’m reminded by Twitter or Facebook” so…

  1. “You need to make a ScooterLab SLUK App to remind me when you post a new article.”


Well fret no more; we’ve got this covered, for all but one group… 🙁

Clicking ALLOW makes the magic happen
Clicking ALLOW makes the magic happen

FREE Chrome & Firefox notifications


Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are two of the most popular web browsers. If you use either of these browsers on your device, then the next time you visit ScooterLab.UK you’ll get a window open asking if you’d like to receive Notifications from ScooterLab’s Onesignal account.

Select ‘ALLOW’ and SLUK magic happens.


Why select ALLOW?



Selecting ‘Allow’ permits us to send Web Notifications (reminders about each new story on SLUK) direct to you. You’ll get them on your desktop or device even when SLUK is not open in your browser.

This way you’ll get all the latest scooter news as soon as we post it. Even before our stories are posted on Social Media.

We won’t bombard you with stuff; only new items on SLUK which we normally post at a rate of one or two items per weekday.

Click the notification to read stories that catch your fancy, ignore those you don’t like. You can change your mind and opt out at any time, but why would you?

SLUK Notifications are the fastest way to find the best FREE scooter content on the web. Just click ‘Allow’.

What’s the catch?



There isn’t a catch as such. SLUK Notifications are free, but there is a problem…

Currently our notifications work on desktop PC & Mac (OS X) and Android and Windows mobile devices BUT (and it’s a big BUT) there’s currently no way to make SLUK Notification work for iPhone or any iOS device. 🙁

However; SLUK Notifications is a system we intend to build on. We plan to improve the way we distribute our stories over the next year and this is just the first step.

We can’t ignore iPhone users, who make up a fair proportion of our readership. The good news is there technology coming that will allow us to keep fruit-heads up to date as well.


What can I do to help?


We don’t ask any money from you for all the excellent content we produce on SLUK. It’s all FREE and we have no plans to change that system.

All we ask is that you share the love.

Let all your scooter friends know that there’s a fantastic free scooter magazine called SLUK available on-line. All anyone has to do is visit www.scooterlab.uk on a device running either Chrome or Firefox and they too can receive the latest SLUK stories straight to their digital door-mat.

Share this story with all your mates and there’s no need for anyone to miss out.

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