1. Darryl DaztheDogg Hill

    Happy birthday SLUK and good luck to you both on this great idea, shite with words and photography but happy to share content as and when I can

  2. Eddie Pensom

    Happy Birthday SLUK. Thanks for bringing light to the darkness of the Scomadi/Royalloy 200 fiasco when facts have been hard to come by. . . Great site . . . Great feel. . . you seem to have left behind all that has been a bit rubbish about the scootering press for many years now…

  3. Benj Fordingbridge

    Well done Sticky and co glad it’s a continuing success. I even saved money by buying a gym membership so I can fit in the L size t-shirt I optimistically bought 😀

  4. Lee Hollick

    Big well done to Sticky, Iggy and your partners Tracey and Lynsey its been great along with many others to help contribute towards what you started only 1 year ago and here’s to many more years of SLUK keeping the Scootering fraternity upto date on current issues of this great scene congratulation again Lee.

  5. PandemoniumRocket

    Happy Birthday chaps..(and Ladies in the background) the only way is up as Yazz used to say.. keep doing what you do and you’ll be fine..decent content is what counts and there is plenty of it on here..

  6. martinb

    Well done one and all – great site hope you continue to grow and life get a little easier – all the best for eh coming years

  7. Lee Chiggy Chambers

    Congratulations guys and keep up the good work! Your articles are informative and a good old giggle, a hard act to get right properly, and frequent enough that they keep us all interested but don’t clog up the live feeds so people just switch off.
    All the best for the future,

  8. Bev

    Congratulations & all the best guys!!!

  9. garry inglis

    great work from a great team i log on most nights as i no somthing new will there to read you dont get that anywere else well done everybody

  10. Rimlam

    Happy Birthday to you all! Well done for going up against ‘the magazine’ and showing them how it’s done. Stylishly. This is defo’ the way forward and Rimini Lambretta Centre and Casa Lambretta are glad to have been able to support SLUK from the offset and you can count on our continued support. Well done!

  11. Godley91

    Well done team sluk. It looks like a successful year. If you ever need anything from me such as music, write ups or photos of be happy to help out a little. Keep up the good work.

    • Sticky

      Cheers Jamie, more Superlatives tracks would be good and write-ups always welcome.

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