1. Zap Brannigan

    Oh you teasers! 😉

  2. jimthedj65

    I hope Scomadi fix their supply chain woes and get focused on producing great scooters and evolve their designs that inspired so many to copy.

  3. StevePD

    With the ‘other’ company likely to have problems getting their existing stuff out of China and grounding to a halt with production, here is an opportunity for Scomadi to go for it !!!

  4. Nick Medskæg

    I recently told the scomadi/royal alloy story to a guy at work. his first comment was “buying a royal alloy is like buying jewellery from the guy that broke into your grans house !” I could see his point which amused me 🙂 So im hoping for good things for Scomadi.

  5. stuboy

    Geared 300 / 400 .. that would be nice news to report back with boys.

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