Our SIP ‘Show us your smallie’ competition proved very popular. The closing date was yesterday so you’ll find all the entrants in the galleries below. 


Those kind people from SIP have given us two pairs of SIP Performer tyres and tubes to give away, we’ll have one winner from the UK and one from abroad. Our judges will sift through the entries today and announce the winners later. 




Final smallie entries – 16th January

Friday 13th January


We’re still getting your ‘smallie’ entries sent in for this and the competition is hot! In fact we’ve had so many entries that SIP have given us an extra pair of SIP Performer tyres and tubes to give away. We’ll award one to a UK based owner and one to somebody from abroad. The competition closes on 16th January so if you’ve got a smallie and you want the world to see it you still have time. 


Here are three of our favourites from the latest batch of entrants, you can find the latest gallery further down the page…



Andrew Reid800PX


56: Owner, Andrew Reid


Andre is from Detroit, MI USA. “This is my ‘sleeper’ 1971 Primavera.. 18hp cast iron Polini for drag racing between lights around Motor City”. Very cool photo as well Andrew. 


Rakz taiwang800PX


66: Owner, Rakz Taiwang


Another great photo, this one comes from Thailand. Rakz said “My smallframe V90 from Taiwang Vespa Gang Chiangmai Thailand.”




Entrant number 58, Serena Chamberlain


Cheeky Serena sent two photos in but we’ll let her off, “Here’s my smallframe “Bella” she’s a standard V100, and I’ve owned her for almost 27 years. She had a re-spray about 7 years ago, but the engine is the same – and she runs just sweet…”


The ‘oldie’ pic is my first scooter, a much loved 50 Special, bought with my wages from Woolworths (Saturday Girl) sadly making direct contact with a Postie Van, coming home from work one day….but which moved me up to a P Range with the insurance money (always a silver lining).



Monday 9th January another 25 new smallies added!


We’re drowning in photos of your smallframes, either the thought of winning a pair of SIP Performer tyres and tubes has got you all very excited, or you just like the idea of showing off your lovely little scooters? Either way, it’s great to see them all. 


Further down the page you’ll see our latest gallery and we’ve also picked out another three favourites. You can still send your entries in (details by clicking the link). At the minute it looks like the UK are heading into the lead with their smallies so let’s see some more from around the world….

Big un800PX

Entrant number 32, it’s one for the ladies from the imaginatively named, Big Un. Big Un is a male model and member of the Sunday Sport Scooter Club. It’s the smallest smallie we’ve ever seen. 

John Walklate800PX

Entrant number 40: John Walklate has thrown a spanner in the works with his lovely triplets. A smallframe doesn’t just have to be a Vespa you know. Welcome to the Lambretta Luna line.

Mark M&D blanks800PX

Entrant number 40: Owner Marc from Austria. Beautiful scooter and a great photo as well. Can you do better? 


Smallframe right of passage


We’ve all been there (or at least most of us have), taking our first step towards freedom and adulthood on a smallframe Vespa at 16. Or in the case of quite a few of you, getting one a little later in life and realising just how much fun they are, especially when tuned. In Europe they’re still very popular but in the UK the large frame Vespa/Lambretta took over. Maybe small-frames are the next big thing though?


World of smallies


Receiving the entries shows quite a good geographical spread of smallie owners, with Germany and the UK so far having the most entries but we’ve also had them from Russia, USA, Canada, Finland, France, Austria and of course Italy. Let’s see where else we get them from over the next few days and be sure to let us know where you’re from if you’re sending in an entry.  


Fresh faced


Both myself and Sticky started out on smallframes. Here’s little old me sat on my first scooter, a Vespa 50 Special. This was taken outside my aunties house in Ilkeston, Derbyshire in 1987. The scooter, YCH 817Y was never seen again after I sold it at 17 when I bought a T5. The reg number hasn’t been on the DVLA system since it went computerised either, I presume it ended up getting written off or scrapped. 


Sticky follows the Twig around Mirecourt on his Vespa SS90 at Scootentole race meeting in France 2009
Sticky follows the Twig around Mirecourt on his Vespa SS90 at Scootentole race meeting in France 2009

Smallframe heaven


The first day of our competition saw no less than 29 entries. You can scroll through them in the gallery at the end and read the captions to see who they belong to and where they’re from. We’ve picked out three of our favourite photos though for a closer look.


We’ll be adding to this page over the next few days (so if you sent them in last night be patient) so look out for the updates. 

Phil Todd800PX

Number 29: Owner, Phil Todd, UK


“I thought I’d send in some pictures of our Primavera, which my wife and I recently restored to original condition”.

Marco Tibaldeschi800PX

Entry number 3: Owner, Marco Tibaldeschi, from Italy


“Here’s a photo of my Vespa Raid in summer 2014 in Morocco. From Tangier, all down to Marrakech passing in Rabat, Casablanca, Essaouira… We were two on the same 1980 original Vespa ET3, me and my girlfriend! We drove for more than 2000 kms in two weeks. This was just one of our travels. My experiences are the whole of Italy, Corsica, Sicily and from Alessandria (my city) to London, from Alessandria to Barcelona… Great experiences! Hope you appreciate them”. You can follow Marco’s Slow Travelling Vespa page here. 

Patrick MPA800PX

Number 27: Owner, Patrick MPA, Russia


Patrick sent us a few nice colour images of his bright green Vespa 50S street racer but we thought this one was the coolest. It almost looks like a couple of model scooters and the engine is just ready to glue into place. It’s actually  from his 50S. 


Gallery number 3

Entrants gallery 2

Entrants gallery number one

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