1. TJBE4

    You won’t regret buying an electric conversion for your classic scooter, they are so convenient and fun too! Had my J range Lambretta for about a year now, I’m on mine every day for shopping, short work commutes and popping to friends etc. Not having to think about maintenance is nice,(just the brakes) no noise in some situations is great. It opens up uses that you wouldn’t necessarily fire up your two stroke for. Mines a UK conversion by Retrospective.. similar sort of kit as SIP so the above write up should be relevant.

  2. Zap Brannigan

    Nice one matey. Gives new life to a Cento et al. Brilliant kit for a lighterweight smallframe Vespa or J range Lammy, which didn’t go much faster than 55 kph in standard 90-100cc trim!

    My old V50 Special read 37 mph on the ahem, “speedo” head down and choke out and my old V90 Veglia clock was like a Geiger counter and read oscillating local radiation levels rather than accurate speed!

    For a large frame, carrying more weight, like a fat old bastard British rider rather than a skinny young Continental, I’d need a higher power output that’s good for at least 55 mph before I’d consider it.

    Hoping that Scomadi join in and put into production a leccy version of their TT range, the prototype being tested by SLUK, good for 75mph. That’s when I will definitely come out and go green.

    • TJBE4

      🙂 I didn’t want to big up my conversion as writeup is about SIP mines a J50 with a 3kw motor fitted it’s been restricted a bit so does about 45mph. Unrestricted 3kw will get you 55mph but don’t need that on my small frame as you can imagine. Options were for a 4kw too!

  3. Nudger

    As Maggie Thatcher said once: no, no, no

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